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Why luxury is important at Christmas and New Year

Posted on 19th Dec, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

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We love a bit of luxury at this time of year. That’s not just us saying it here at Limo-Scene, that’s everyone! According to research by market analysts, people have been increasingly turning to luxury products and experiences at Christmas and New Year’s. That means swapping out the traditional Roses boxes for some posh chocolates, choosing the most comfortable socks over just the most affordable ones, and even taking a ride in style by hiring a limo to turn up to the venue rather than taking a taxi to a night out. So, what’s the appeal of luxury at this time of year? Join us as we find out!

Why we love a bit of luxury for Christmas

If you’ve read our previous post on why a limo ride is the perfect Christmas present, you’ll already be familiar with one of the key reasons. Basically Christmas is a time for giving, and the same thing that makes it so exciting for some people also makes others slightly apprehensive – the sheer volume of presents. It’s easy to get overloaded on stuff you don’t need and don’t really want, especially when it’s been given to you by friends or relatives whom you don’t see often. However, you’ve then got to deal with it all afterwards, whether that’s by discreetly handing it off after a few months, or having it hanging around the house, getting in the way.

If that’s an experience you’re familiar with, then you’ll be pleased to know you’re not alone! It’s a big reason why so many people are increasingly preferring to give and receive fewer, more luxurious presents rather than large batches of cheaper ones. Now, obviously just because something’s more expensive doesn’t automatically mean it’s better – but by definition, most of us tend to get more value out of luxury gifts, whether that’s practical or sentimental value. In other words, it’s not the money that matters, so much as whether it has lasting value to us. It’s why watches, rings, necklaces and other types of jewellery are so popular for family members to give to each other. And – of course – luxury limo rides!

That includes consumable things, too. With chocolates and similar sorts of treats, there’s an extra bonus involved. After all, Christmas is one of those rare times of year where we all take a guilt-free holiday, generally safe in the knowledge that our colleagues are off too, so that work isn’t piling up on our desks in our absence. We’re not on call, or anxious about any work interrupting our holidays, or fighting off sickness in order to have the privilege of being off work. Essentially, we can safely feel like we’ve earned this particular holiday – so luxury gifts and presents are the perfect way to help us enjoy it.

Here at Limo-Scene, we’re pleased to be able to offer a few luxury experiences of our own! We’ve got a fantastic range of limos for you to choose from, ranging from our sleek black Chrysler limo to our cheeky sixteen seater Hummer Limo – always a popular choice all year round! You can book them right here on our website, or alternatively give us a call on our booking hotline: 07812 102 051!