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3 New Years resolutions tips for an even happier, successful 2020

Posted on 22nd Jan, 2020 by Jackie Jolliffe

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This time of year is all about making a fresh start, setting ourselves new goals, and what we plan to do to achieve them. You may well have set yourself a New Year’s resolution or two already, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late! But before you write ‘going to the gym’ in massive bold letters at the top of your calendar, it’s worth having a careful think about what you really want to achieve, and really considering the best way to do it. That’s where we can help – as well as offering a fantastic number of limo hire services, we’ve got a few bits of advice to help you reach your goals for 2020.

1. Decide what’s worthy of your time

Every year tends to bring a lot of stress with it, and every year plenty of us make a vow to avoid as much of it as we can. But actually, getting stressed is OK. In some cases, it can even be a good thing – what we get stressed about is often a reflection of what we care about, and what we’re willing to spend our precious time and energy on. But having said that, everyone’s only got so much of that to give, which is why it’s a great idea to consider this year what’s worthy of getting stressed about.

National holidays and calendar events can be great fun for lots of people, but if (for example) you’re a teetotal who doesn’t enjoy St Patrick’s Day, there’s no obligation to go. It’s OK to stay in and have a quiet one – as long as you save that time and energy for the important people and events in your life. If you ever find yourself with a decision between two events or social engagements, it’s always a good plan to prioritise anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and other events that make our loved ones feel special.

The same goes for your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re doing it out of a sense of obligation, rather than because you actually want to, you’re almost doomed to fail right from the start.

2. Motivate yourself by giving yourself a clear target

One of the main reasons why so many New Year’s resolutions infamously fail is that the goals people set themselves are often vague. ‘Getting fit’ is a good mantra, but it makes for a rubbish motivation. Instead, give yourself a solid target, and a deadline. Most of all, to ultimately succeed you’ll need to have given yourself a good reason for doing it. If you want to get fit for example, it’s better to aim for a target time on a fifteen minute run, rather than a set amount of hours in the gym each month. One of them involves counting down the clock, while the other involves actively pushing yourself forward towards a goal. Plus, by giving yourself a clear target, you can measure your progress towards it over time – which gives you a great motivation to continue on doing it.


3. Reward yourself!

This is perhaps the most important tip we’ve got to give, and it overlaps closely with motivation. As well as giving yourself a reason for setting out on your goal, you’ve also got to acknowledge your progress towards it. Otherwise, if you’re just constantly pushing yourself forward with no respite, it can just feel like you’re relentlessly punishing yourself, which is ultimately setting the stage for all your efforts to peter out. Sitting in your PJs watching TV is acceptable occasionally, as is spending some quality time with a loved one – whether that’s snuggling in the comfort of your own home, or treating them to a luxury limo ride to a destination of your (or their!) choice.

That’s where we can help right here at Limo-Scene. We’ve got a fantastic range of luxury limos for you to choose from, ranging from our sleek black Chrysler limo to our Hummer limo hire – great for making a statement as you arrive! You can book them right here on our website, or alternatively give us a call on our booking hotline: 07812 102 051!