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Archive: February 2011

A few facts about limos

Posted on 28th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Sometimes, coach builders or designers develop the ultimate stretch limo hire cars – usually adding amenities that are impractical but make a stark design statement.

Limo hire Liverpool features, performance and technology

Posted on 25th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Liverpool limo hire vehicles offer a significantly higher level of comfort than their mainstream counterparts.

Insurance for Manchester limo hire

Posted on 24th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

A Manchester limo is a high-end investment for a limo hire company – so you would expect the driving insurance to be just as high.

An explanation of limo hire Manchester

Posted on 23rd Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

A limo is a luxury saloon car – usually with a lengthened wheelbase and driven by chauffeurs.

A history of limousines

Posted on 21st Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

The first limo was built in 1902, and designed so the driver sat outside under a covered compartment.

Manchester limo hire wine tasting

Posted on 18th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Anyone who is a fan wine must have thought about wine tasting evening. And the most convenient way to spend an evening wine tasting is hiring a limo.

Choosing a limo hire company in Manchester

Posted on 15th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

When you’ve got an important client meeting in Manchester, or a business convention in Blackpool, you will need to provide special transportation with class and it’s important to understand which Manchester limo hire companies to use.

Why check your limo is COIFed?

Posted on 11th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

It is even more important now that you check before reserving a limo hire in the UK for your special occasion because there are government initiatives to prevent vehicles from being registered if they do not meet legal requirements.

Is Manchester limo hire realistic in the midst of an economic crisis?

Posted on 10th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

The global economy is still struggling so many people are cutting down on luxuries. This means cutting down on day-to-day luxuries, but also nights out.

Limo hire for your prom night in Manchester

Posted on 9th Feb, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Get a fabulous luxury limo hire on prom night and be the talk of Manchester