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4 reasons why a luxury limo ride makes the perfect Christmas present

Posted on 26th Nov, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

With Black Friday fast approaching, we’re officially entering the time of year when there’s all sorts of panic about what gifts to get your family. Everyone is finalising their own shopping lists, and you may be familiar with that vague pressure of wanting to get your loved ones something new. So, why not try something a little different this year? Hiring a limo could be just the sort of present you need to make this Christmas truly special – here are four top reasons why!

1. It’s distinctive (and surprising!)

The idea of stocking fillers at Christmas is a concept we’re all fairly familiar with. It’s not just the small presents we give to children – it’s come to be an umbrella term for the welcome (but predictable) presents that we’re all expecting. Sweets, socks, calendars and tea cosies are all wonderful to receive, but not something we’re likely to remember in future years. However, the sight of a long black Chrysler limo smoothly gliding up to the kerb is an impression that’s likely to stay with your loved one for years!

2. It’s luxurious

Christmas is a wonderful time to show the people you love that you care about them. You don’t necessarily have to do this by dropping hundreds on the latest tech and gadgetry, or a humungous flatscreen TV. After all, at the end of the day it’s not about what they have from you – it’s about how you make them feel. A limo ride strikes the perfect balance – it’s luxurious but not overly extravagant, elegant but not necessarily ostentatious. (Although if you do want to be ostentatious, there’s plenty of room in our limo hire options for that, too! Pink Hummer Limo, we’re looking at you…) Best of all, it enables you to treat them to a truly VIP experience. There can be no greater gift!

3. It can be a family activity

The festive season is, after all, a time for family, and one of the most wonderful aspects of hiring a limo is that it can be enjoyed together with other people. It can even be a beautiful gift for multiple family members – a brilliant way to treat several loved ones to the VIP experience (and let’s be honest, a relatively cost-effective one, too!). If, for example, your daughter wants to spend more time with Grandma this festive season, a limo ride could be the perfect gift for both of them.

4. It’s an experience

One of the things that lots of people don’t like about Christmas is that it can be guilty of being a time for ‘things’ – gadgets, and trinkets, and Stuff with a capital S. This wave of Stuff can run the gauntlet from the most expensive new iPads, all the way down to novelty items you bought for a distant relative at the last moment. Likewise, you’re liable to get at least one or two novelty items yourself. When all’s said and done, that means you can end up with an awful lot of things you don’t want, and when it comes down to it, aren’t all that valuable to you.

With a limo ride, you get none of that. It’s not a physical thing, to be lost or broken or even thrown away. As an experience, it allows you to make memories with the ones you love most. Unlike things, memories are timeless, so you’ll always have them. There’s nothing more valuable than wonderful times of love, laughter, and even a cheeky bit of bubbly. What’s not to like?

You’ve got plenty of choice, too. We’ve got a fantastic range of limos for hire right here at Limo-Scene. Don’t wait too long to book yours though, as availability is fast running out! Feel free to give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051 – we’re only too happy to help!