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Did you catch us on Catie’s Amazing Machines?

Posted on 17th Oct, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

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If you’ve taken a look at our blog during your mission to hire a limo recently, you may already know that we’ve got a couple of media appearances under our belts here at Limo-Scene – but we’re pleased to say that one of our recent favourites has to be on Catie’s Amazing Machines, a CBBC show presented by the racing prodigy Catie Munnings. Since it’s been exactly a year since our appearance, we’re taking a fond look back at the programme, and a closer look at the Silver Hummerzine that was featured on it!

What is Catie’s Amazing Machines?

If you’re a Top Gear fan (or a parent!), the basic format of the show will probably already be familiar to you. It’s essentially a children’s show, in which Catie introduces pre-school audiences to, and we quote “some of the biggest and fastest machines in the world”. These can include anything from planes, trains and automobiles, to boats and specialist vehicles like diggers and tractors. Episodes of the show have focused on emergency vehicles, amphibious machines, and flying transports.

Each broadcast of Amazing Machines always begins the same way; Catie’s remote controlled car, a little character called Speedie, delivers her an envelope which contains the theme of the episode. This sets the tone for the three machines which are featured, and Catie explains and often ends up driving all three, before she finally chooses her favourite.

We were over the moon to have our Silver Hummerzine featured on the ‘Fancy’ episode of Catie’s Amazing Machines. You can watch the episode in full here on the BBC website. Just in case you can’t though, we’ll tell you a bit more about the limousine that appeared!

A quick introduction to our Silver Hummerzine

We’ve got some truly fancy limos here at Limo-Scene, but the Silver Hummerzine is one of our all-time customer favourites – and no wonder! Immediately recognisable it’s perfect for making a big splash at a big event, or turning up to a party in style with your family and friends.

You can bring plenty of them along, too, as the Hummerzine can seat up to 18 people – as Catie pointed out herself! There’s luxury seating, disco lighting, laser lights, neon, strobe lighting, fantastic speakers and multiple LDC screens. It’s party central! (We’ve included a quick sneak peek of it on our Facebook page.)

It’s often chosen for hen nights, birthday parties, sporting events, school proms, children’s parties, or weddings – and that’s just a couple of ideas! Whatever you’ve got planned for your limo hire, you can count on us to have a fantastic selection of vehicles to cater to it. As well as our Silver Hummerzine, we’ve also got the ever-popular Pink Hummer limo, and if you’re going for a different look, you’ve always got the timeless Black Chrysler limo. Book them right here on our site, or feel free to give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051!