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Why Do Celebrities Keep Coming Back To Limo-Scene?

Posted on 19th May, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

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We’re lucky enough at Limo-Scene to have had several high-profile customers make use of our services for top-class engagements. As you’d expect, they’re used to the very best, so we’re very proud to be able to count ourselves in that definition! Not every limo hire company can claim to have this sort of accolade to their name, so this week on the blog we thought we’d take a moment to highlight why the star quality factor matters to you.

We Are Totally Committed To You

customer enquiring about a limo

We’ve told you before about some of the spectacular treatment that stars can expect from limos in world-class Hollywood venues. At Limo-Scene, we take those same philosophies to heart. We don’t bunch you with a load of other customers, all waiting on the same car. When you hire us, we are totally at your service, and if you make a plan with us you can count on us to stick to it. Hiring a limo from us is a package deal, which means that we won’t go rushing off to any other engagements. There are no time limits, so you don’t have to rush your celebrations on our account – leaving you free to enjoy your day or night, knowing that we’ll be there to pick you up when you need us to.

The Look Of Your Limo

limo fleet

Presentation is everything to us. After all, we know that visual impact is a big part of why you’re hiring the limo in the first place. We wouldn’t expect to see anyone hitting the red carpet to turn up in a dirty or stained limousine, so why should you? That’s why between every engagement we thoroughly clean and inspect our limos for any signs of dust or grime – both inside and outside! The upholstery is checked over and cleaned, ready for you to enjoy your night. You rightly expect to be wowed when stepping inside a limo, so at Limo-Scene we’re dedicated to always making sure you are. (Our 18-Seater Silver Hummerzine is just one of the cars that’s consistently popular with some of our more well-known customers!)

Professional Drivers Of Every Limo

limo driver

When hiring a limo, we understand the importance of getting every part of our service just right. After all, our limos are more than just cars getting you from A to B. They are whole experiences in themselves, and even if the limo itself absolutely blows your socks off, the entire effect can be spoiled by a rude and unprofessional driver. Once again though, the idea of star-quality is something that we ingrain into every part of our service. Our drivers are of the highest standard – every one is punctual and polite, and we make sure that they share the same attitude to making your night amazing.

Part of the way our drivers ensure this is by practicing your route beforehand. This way, they’re able to familiarise themselves with likely delays or problem spots, and make sure that they never take a wrong turn. Lionel Messi or Leonardo DiCaprio have never turned up late to an event because their limo driver turned right instead of left, so we’re determined that it’s never something you should experience either.

You Can Count On A Star-Quality Experience From Limo-Scene

These are just a few of the things that set us apart from other limo hire companies in Manchester, and amongst the reasons that celebrities come back to use our services again and again. We’re trusted to deliver the same high class of service to all of our customers, and that includes you! We mentioned our Hummerzine limo above, but while we’re making transport recommendations, our White Chrysler is fantastic for making a memorable entrance to your chosen event. You can browse our website to see our full range of limos, or alternatively click here to get a free quote!

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