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Top Reasons To Celebrate Your Dad This Father’s Day

Posted on 14th Jun, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

top reasons to celebrate your dad this fathers day feature image

June is a big month for us here at Limo-Scene. As a limo hire company, we find June one of the busiest months for ordering wedding cars, while for many of our customers it’s…well, you know. Their weddings. And for some exceptionally lucky fathers, it’s the month of their children’s weddings and Father’s Day, all at once. For that reason this week at Limo-Scene, we thought we’d do a little ode to all the fathers of the world, especially those with the pleasure of attending family weddings this month. Without further ado, amongst our top reasons to appreciate your Dad are…

  1. He Looks Great In A Suit

putting on a suit

There’s no denying your Dad looks dapper, especially fully suited and booted. He’s had plenty of time to get the look right, after all, and it shows! (It doesn’t hurt that Mum’s around to straighten his tie occasionally, too.) Seeing your Dad in a tux is a particular treat – whether he’s wearing it out to an event, or just trying it on around the house (in which case, Father’s Day presents are always easy). It’s a definite point of pride – and if you’re a lad, it’s possible he’s got a few pointers for you, too.

  1. He Does Great Wedding Speeches

 preparing for a wedding speech

All the things you hoped your friends would never hear about you – that’s your Dad’s job to deliver. If you’re particularly unlucky, he might even have a presentation to help him elaborate on your most embarrassing childhood memories. Sometimes he doesn’t even need the medium of a proper speech to do it; any Dad worth his salt will find a way to embarrass you whatever the case, especially on your wedding day. But somehow, he always gets away with it – he’s just lucky you love him.

  1. He’s There To Help

getting advice from dad

Rain or shine, your Dad is always on hand to help out. Even (especially) at your wedding, where everything is emotionally charged and important and urgent and maybe even a bit precarious. You can always count on your Dad to be the one to turn to, and he’ll be ready with some sage advice or some action – whichever the situation calls for. He’s the voice of reason, and the one you can rely on – don’t panic, because Dad is on hand!

If you’re really lucky, he might even be good at logistics – which is always handy when trying to fine tune arrangements. Say, for example, like that of your wedding transport (and we’re sure he has a few things to say about our Silver Beauford wedding car, too)!

  1. Your Dad Made You The Person You Are Today

 raising children

Dad is one of those key people with an almost immeasurable influence on you from very early on in life. He taught you good from bad, right from wrong. He helped you to justify your decisions, and think about the consequences of your actions. And OK, he probably made you eat some broccoli from time to time. But you’re all the better for it.

  1. You Love Him – And He Loves You Too!

 father and son

What better way to celebrate your relationship with your dad than by doing something special on Father’s Day? He might have a word or two to say about your wedding car hire, or if you’ve already tied the knot you could make him feel like a superpower in a night out on the town – maybe kicking off in our Black Baby Bentley.

It’s all up to you, but whatever you choose, make sure you take a moment to tell him: “thanks, Dad. You’re awesome.”

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