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Weddings And Wild Nights: Why The Colour Of Your Limo Matters

Posted on 10th May, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

weddings and wild nights why the colour of your limo matters feature image

In the second and final instalment in our series of blogs on why colour is so important in limousines, we’ve got a pretty vibrant range of stuff to talk about! As you’ll know already, colour’s important depending on what you’re doing at your event, what kind of event it is, and what sort of image you want to project. Last week, we took a very black-and-white view of things, but this week we’re going a bit more vibrant. For starters, if you’re going to a wedding, a white limo is far from your only option…

Silver, Blue And Burgundy Wedding Cars

blue and silver wedding cars

As we mentioned last week, white is generally a popular colour for wedding limo hire, mainly because of its traditional roots. And it’s true, a white limo can look stunning on a bride’s big day. However, some brides prefer other options. There can be a couple of reasons for this. One of which is if the bridal party has gone for a more unorthodox colour scheme – a vintage dress in cream looks beautiful, but a pristine white wedding car might make it look faded or otherwise take away from the effect. On the other hand, a betrothed couple might just be looking for something a little different.

Few cars fit the bill like our vintage wedding limos. For chic or vintage weddings, a vintage car like our Burgundy Beauford wedding car or Silver Regal Landaulette can provide an extra memorable touch of class like no other. Their unusual colours give you a chance to switch up from the traditional wedding palette, too. Like all our limos, their colour is a major part of their overall impression. Silver, blue and burgundy are all classic colours that give these limos an old-world elegance that make them truly unique, transporting your special day back in time. We have nothing but the best here at Limo-Scene – which is the least your wedding deserves!

Make A Splash With Our Hummer Limos

black hummer limo

Our Pink Hummer limos are an ever-popular option for making a big impression on your night out on the town. It’s stylish, it’s funky and it’s fun-loving. Whether it’s a hen do, a birthday party or just a regular Friday night (yes, we know the score), the Pink Hummer is where it’s at. It’s fantastic for making a statement, and it’s hot pink colour helps it stand out from its surroundings, wherever it is. That means that when you make your big entrance, all eyes are on you!

Its counterpart is the Silver Hummerzine; another dazzling limo whose silver colour gives it an air of sleekness and just a touch of formal class. Though they’re similar cars, their colours can give them each a different personality, meaning that sometimes they’re used more for certain events than others.

But we’ll let you decide what those are! You can browse our full range of limos by clicking here, or start booking your limo today by getting a free quote!

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