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Why hiring a limo is a great romantic activity

Posted on 20th Feb, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

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In the wake of Valentine’s Day, romance is still on a lot of people’s minds, especially if they were busy or away for the day itself. If you’re still thinking about a romantic evening out with your partner, though, it’s worth considering hiring a limo for a unique evening that will make your date feel special. When they’re riding in luxury and style, they’ll see that you have pulled out all the stops! Here are some perfect opportunities for when should splurge on a limo.

First date

Picking your date up for the first time in a stretch limo to whisk them off their feet can be far more romantic than doing the same in your own vehicle (depending on what state it’s in!). You want to make a strong first impression, and this doesn’t have to be limited to what you wear. A White Chrysler limo or a “Hummerzine” makes a first impression like no other! It’s starts the night off right – then the rest is up to you.

A night to remember

Do you have plans for a future night for you and your loved one? Perhaps you’ve ordered the best seats for a play and the night is now approaching? Or, you’ve booked a table at an in-demand restaurant well in advance. Put your plans together carefully to include the right elements that you’ll both thoroughly enjoy.

What better than to create something more unforgettable by adding luxury transportation? Both of you can relax in each other’s company without having to worry about other drivers or fussing about directions. When you can be care-free together away from harried lives, it’s a great time to reconnect and rekindle your love for each other.


Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day has now passed, you can successfully make any day as magical by picking up your partner and turning their otherwise mundane day into something truly memorable.

Arranging a surprise date that’s been carefully planned out including a limo ride door to door is far more enjoyable because nothing is anticipated ahead of time. Everything you plan can be less predictable because it doesn’t need to follow the expected ‘flowers first and dinner later’ routine on Valentine’s day. Instead, you can tailor the date around things you both enjoy doing together and be as unconventional as you wish without risking their disappointment. A way better outcome, we think you’ll agree!

Of course, if you want a real luxury experience and to see all these disciplined techniques in action, look no further than our limos here at Limo-Scene. We’ve got years of experience in providing a supreme limo experience to our customers, whether they’re on a night out, they’re off to prom or they’ve just been married. Particularly popular options include our Silver Hummerzines and Pink Hummer Limos – ideal for making a statement!