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4 awesome reasons to hire a limo for your hen party

Posted on 31st Jan, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

hen party

Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting in a comfortable limo while someone else drives them to all the places they want to go to? While it’s not something many of us can take advantage of on a daily basis, your hen party is the perfect time to splurge. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the limo hen party experience is all about comfy seats and a fully stocked bar, but they’re just a couple of the reasons to hire one (though undeniably great ones, nonetheless!). Below, we’ve got four more for you!

1. It keeps everyone together

We’ve all been there; we arrange to meet outside a convenient location at 7pm only to be standing there alone when the time comes. A limo eliminates the risk of this happening. The driver can pick everyone up and deliver you all to the same spot at exactly the same time. You no longer have to hang around waiting for the friend who is always late, or waiting for friends stuck in traffic. It’s an ideal solution!

2. Parking won’t be an issue

Have you ever arrived at a hotel, event centre, or nightclub only to find that parking is either non-existent or only available for short periods of time? If you have, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a limo. You’ll be dropped off right outside the door of the venue you’re heading to, and be picked up in exactly the same place. You won’t have to worry about walking through the city streets in the cold, or fumbling with parking meters. It’s super simple and convenient.

3. Feel like a VIP

celebration women

Your hen night is a truly special occasion, and your last night as a single woman. Why not celebrate this in style? A limo will make you feel important, and like a true VIP. When you and your friends open the doors, heads will turn as other partygoers stop and stare at you, wondering who you are and just why you are travelling in such fabulous transport. Go ahead and give yourself the VIP treatment; you won’t regret it!

4. No designated drivers!

One poor friend usually ends up being the designated driver on nights out. While the rest of you chat and have fun in the car, the designated driver is responsible for keeping their eyes on the road and getting you to your destination safely. And once there, they have to sip on soft drinks all night while their friends indulge in cocktails and shots. A limo eliminates the need to have a designated driver. You will all be able to have fun, and you’ll all be able to drink if you want to. This will be one hen party where no one friend feels left out due to circumstance.

Now that you’ve heard about all the great reasons to hire a limo, isn’t it a great idea for your hen party? Get in touch with us here at LimoScene – we’ve got some amazing options. Our bold pink hummer limo is a particularly popular option… so make sure you book early!