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The secret to making your wedding reception truly special

Posted on 29th Apr, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

vintage wedding bride

Spring has sprung, and as the warmer days and evenings arrive more and more people are preparing to celebrate the most special moment of their lives: their wedding! Lots of planning goes into making a wedding truly memorable, but it’s important to remember the wedding reception too. Holding a great reception is not only the perfect start to married life, it allows those closest to you, your family, friends and colleagues, to share in the joy too. Your reception can be as special as your wedding ceremony when you follow these three simple tips.

Arrive in style

Your reception is as much a part of your wedding day as the marriage ceremony itself, so you should arrive in style there just as much as you have done at the place where you celebrated your vows. There’s one style of car above all which has become associated with weddings: the limo. They’re smart, stylish and elegant, which makes them the perfect vehicle to carry the loving couple in, and almost as importantly, they look absolutely great in wedding photographs too. A beautiful wedding limo hired from Limo-Scene can cost less than you think, and you’ll even get a smartly dressed chauffeur too. It’s the perfect way to make a grand entrance at your wedding and your reception.

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Consider the children

Every wedding reception will have children at it, and they can be overcome by the excitement of the event. Don’t think of children at the reception as a hindrance, however, but as a blessing, as their natural charms and sense of fun are a perfect symbol for the start of married life. In practical terms, you need to ensure that children are as well behaved as possible at the reception, however, and this means providing something that keeps them occupied. Consider having a children’s entertainer on hand or have a special children’s corner in the reception venue containing games and other activities that younger guests will love.

Make fun the theme

Weddings are beautiful occasions, but by their nature they tend to be very formal – so it makes sense to create a contrast with a reception that’s fun for the married couple and all the guests. One way to do this is by having a live band, or even an opportunity for guests to sing with them. Always try to get everyone up and dancing by having a broad range of music that’s suitable for all ages, and don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself on your first dance – everyone wants you to do well, so forget the steps and simply enjoy yourself. Another great idea for a wedding reception is to have a fun quiz, with any entrance money given to a relevant charity.

Your wedding reception gives you the chance to become a Hollywood star for the evening. Arrive in perfect style in a hired limousine, throw yourself into the evening, and remember to have as much fun as you possibly can. In that way you can create a wedding reception that’s special and memorable for you, your spouse and the guests. Our White Chrysler limo is always popular!