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When should you start planning your wedding?

Posted on 13th May, 2019 by Jackie Jolliffe

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Generally speaking, the earlier the better as a general rule is best when planning your wedding. There’s always far more to organise than you’d ever imagined, including, obviously, limo hire for the perfect wedding transport. It takes longer too as everyone is working to their own schedule. The world is your oyster when it comes to when you want to have your wedding (after all, it’s your big day!) but there’s no denying that some months tend to be more preferable over others.

Getting married in May

May is one of the more popular months. Around 13 percent of weddings in the UK happen in May. Those people planning for May early enough, there are a couple of Bank Holidays in the month to make a long weekend of it and be less inconvenient to guests too. While some holidays may already have been booked by guests, most will be holidaying in June or July.

Getting married in July

July is unmistakably a popular month to get married with 14 percent of couples tying the knot that month. In fact, it’s in the second spot for the most popular month to walk down the aisle.

For excellent weather, you cannot beat July. There are no April showers to worry about. Getting that well-lit wedding photograph outdoors is more likely to become reality because you’ll be damn unlucky if it’s not a pleasant temperature with the sun shining brightly.

With a July wedding, as much notice as possible is required, as there could even be a double wedding invite for the same weekend. Also, many potential guests including close family may normally go away in July to catch the sun. By informing them as early as possible, they can book their holidays to accommodate your wedding date.

Getting married in August

August is the most popular with 18 percent of UK couples choosing this month.

It often presents the best option because there are school holidays making it easier for people to attend who have kids. The weather is just as reliable for sunny days as in July too. Booking for August is expensive though. Venues know it’s the most popular for their booking with more couples wanting their venue than dates are available. As a result, they often charge more for this month. Honeymoons are also more expensive because it’s the most popular summer month to get away from the UK too.

Getting married in September

September is a good backup month when July and August are booked or more time is needed to get ready. The weather is still usually cooperative at this time of year too.
Seeing as 13 percent of weddings happen this month, the venues are a little less booked up early compared to August when you’d best plan as many months’ ahead as you possibly can.

The fewer months of lead time that you have before a planning wedding date, the more challenging it will be. Planning ahead makes life far easier with a wide selection of venues not yet booked up compared to trying to do everything last minute. Any month is a good one to book a limo either for the wedding (ride with style in a White Chrysler) or a pink hummer for the bride and bridesmaids going to their hen party.