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Prom style ideas for 2015: Bond and Bond girl

Posted on 26th Feb, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

For many, James Bond personifies the ultimate male – and many women aspire to replicate the look of Bond girls, with their sleek, sophisticated style.

The Bond look is a classic look for prom, a style that will never go out of fashion and a style that will always look good. That’s why we’re giving you all the know-how on how to create that Bond vibe for prom in today’s blog…

We’ve started a Pinterest board for this look – View it here and please help us add to it!

The wheels…

Like in any Bond film, your choice of prom car is key to pulling off the whole look. The relationship between Bond and his wheels is an important one – his car is an extension of his image and helps to create that prestige that Bond and all his Bond girls give off.

At Limoscene, we have a range of stylish and sophisticated cars fit for a Bond movie, including our Rolls Royce, Mercedes S500 and Chrysler limos.

Our Rolls Royce Phantom comes in white and oozes style, innovation and star quality. Like all cars of its kind, it has a very bold look and the famous grille design that sets it apart from any wannabe replica.

Rolls Royce white phantom

Arriving at prom in our Rolls Royce Phantom guarantees a truly exquisite experience. You’ll not only catch the eye of passers by, prom-goers and other road users, you’ll also enjoy a comfortable journey full of class.

When it comes to stylish cars, the Mercedes still remains the car of choice – which is just one of the reasons James Bond is a fan. Our top-of-the-range Mercedes S500 allows you and your Bond girl to arrive at prom feeling like celebrities.

With a black leather interior, tinted windows and the registration VIP RU, the two of you will feel very special indeed.

Mercedes 500

For groups wanting to travel in style, we recommend our Black Chrysler Limo, otherwise know as the Baby Bentley. Suitable for parties of up to eight, the chic limo includes plasma TVs, lasers, stargazers and neon lighting.


If looks could kill…

The Bond look is easy to recreate – you just need the foundation of the tuxedo. Classic and unrivalled, it’s the pedigree in suits. Opt for the classic black suit and remember that the fit is all-important. Bond would have never been seen in an ill-fitting suit.

Bond girls are always dressed in sophisticated long gowns – typically in strong colours like black or red. While textures like lace and sequins aren’t so important, the cut and fit of your dress is.

Be inspired by plunging necklines or deep V-neck backs. Alternatively the Grecian one shoulder look or conservative style dress with a side split works wonders too. Remember to incorporate just one of these elements. Any more and you risk a look that’s cheap rather than classy.

The final touches

Cufflinks, a pocket square and sleek, immaculate hair finish off Bond style and guarantee that you’ll look your best.

Girls on the other hand should enhance their look with red lips, dark eyes and long, loose and voluminous hair; or alternatively a sleek bun. Don’t forget your jewels too – they do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

To book your Bond car for prom, give us a call on 07812 102 051

What style is influencing your prom look? We’d love to hear your ideas! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester