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Limos In The Limelight: Our Favourite Movie Scenes Featuring Limousines!

Posted on 7th Mar, 2014 by Jackie Jolliffe

Here at Limo-Scene limo hire’s Manchester HQ, there have been plenty of limos seen this last week! What with the Oscars last week, and former limo driver Barkhad Abdi nominated for his role in Captain Phillips, sleek stretched limos have taken centre stage!

All the Hollywood glitz and glam got us thinking about our favourite limo scenes from movies. Take a look at our faves below – but watch out if you’re at work; some of them get a bit sweary!

21 Jump Street

When it comes to funny scenes featuring limousines, you get more for your money with the hilarious 21 Jump Street, a 2012 hit starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as agents in the secret Jump Street police unit.

Who can forget the fantastic limousine chase scene, where high school chemistry saves the day?

And, just in case you were worried that limousines were all high-speed pursuits and explosions, there’s this classy little number, too.

And no, before you ask, we can’t do that with doves!

We can’t promise you doves and high speed car chases with our limo hire service, but we can get you to your prom in style! If you’re interested in our prom car hire service, take a look at our beautiful range of limos and hummerzines!


Talk to anyone born in the eighties and you’re likely to find that feel-good film Big was basically one of the best bits of their childhood.

Starring Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin, a young boy transformed into an adult by a magic fortune-telling game, the film is adorable from start to finish. We love the limo scene, which just captures Josh’s enthusiasm perfectly: “Ejector seat!!!”

Kids – and big kids! – will love a luxury limo! We’re one of the leading limo hire firms in Manchester, so book with us and have an amazing time. No ejector seats, though!

The Big Lebowski

The poor Dude – wrapped up in trouble he barely understands and bundled into the back of a limousine to explain his disastrous attempts to arrange a ransom hand-over and win back the missing daughter of a rich man. This is one of our favourite scenes from classic movie, The Big Lebowski.

You can’t help feeling for him as he gets man-handled into the back of the limo, clutching his coffee: “Hey, hey…careful, man! There’s a beverage here!”

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

After 10-year-old Kevin McCallister finds himself Home Alone again – this time, in a swanky New York hotel – he decides to live it up while outwitting the bandits that are back on his tail.

In our favourite scene, Kevin splashes out (on his dad’s credit card, of course!) on every 10-year-old boy’s dream: a luxury stretched limousine, complete with extra-large cheese pizza. Mmm…

Got a special request for your luxury limo? Let us know when you book and we’ll do our best to accommodate! We offer a range of sweet treats, too, via our sister company Flossypots…

Stage your own Limo Scene!

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What’s your all-time favourite limo scene from a movie? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @LimosManchester