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Prom Car Hire Disasters – Have You Been A Victim?

Posted on 4th Mar, 2014 by Jackie Jolliffe


More and more parents are choosing to send their children off to prom in style. But while luxury limo hire can add a real touch of magic to prom night, a dodgy prom car hire firm could leave you with tears before bedtime.

Make sure your prom doesn’t bomb with our reputable prom car hire service right here in the heart of the Northwest.

Let Down By Shoddy Prom Car Hire Firms

Here at Limo-Scene, we get so many calls from distraught parents whose children have been let down at the last minute by unreliable or downright dodgy limo hire companies who claimed to be able to offer reliable prom car hire across the Northwest but couldn’t come up with the goods.

Often, we’re able to help, sending our customers off to their big nights in style in one of our luxury limos. Sadly, the requests are sometimes so last minute – and numerous – that there’s nothing we can do.

Our Tips For Choosing a Reliable Prom Car Hire Firm

Setting up as a prom car hire firm is relatively easy, which is why you’ll find so many prom car hire firms here in the Northwest.

Setting up as a GOOD prom car hire firm is quite another matter, which is why you need to look really carefully when you’re thinking of booking a luxury limo for your child’s prom. Hobbyist car hire firms can leave you stranded and – worse still – might not be covered by the right insurance if something goes wrong on the night.

If you’re thinking of hiring a prom car, here’s what you should check…

  • Does the firm have good reviews from other people who have booked it for prom car hire? Take a look at what other parents have had to say for an honest insight!
  • Have you chatted with someone in-house? Talk to someone at the car hire firm and ask them any questions you might have: a reputable company will be happy and able to help.
  • Have you got a confirmation of your prom car hire booking in writing? Whether on paper or by email, a written confirmation protects your rights.
  • Does the company own the cars or will they be getting them from somewhere else? Make sure you know what’s going on behind the scenes in case of slip-ups!
  • With a week or so to go, is everything still looking good for the big night? A decent prom car hire firm won’t mind you calling briefly to check!
  • Insurance! Proper insurance is what separates the professionals from the amateurs in this business, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Make it a proper prom night with Limo-Scene limo hire!

At Limo-Scene, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best experience possible. When it comes to prom car hire across the Northwest, we’ve got you covered:

  • We only use the most reputable drivers: all of our limo drivers are 100% professional, presented smartly in suit and tie. They hold both a standard driver’s license as well as a public sector vehicle (PSV) operator license, and we carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (previously known as a CRB check) check every time we take a new driver on.
  • Our cars are regularly and carefully maintained. Each of our luxury vehicles has a certificate of initial fitness (COIF), and all of our stretched limos operating under a VOSA ‘O’ license are tested regularly – every eight weeks, as a matter of fact!

We want you and your kids to have a fabulous time when it comes to prom night, so why not take a look at our luxury prom car hire service or contact us for more info? Wherever you are in the Northwest, we’ll make sure your prom car doesn’t turn into a pumpkin!

Have you had a prom night car hire disaster? We want to know about it, so tell us in the comments or tweet us @LimosManchester!