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Ideas for Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

Posted on 12th Feb, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Making your own wedding invitations can be fun and if you can get your family to help out not as time consuming as you might first think. The basics for any DIY wedding invitations are card blanks and envelopes. But what to put on your invitations? What embellishments and colour scheme should you use?

Most brides will have already decided their wedding colour scheme by the time they start making their invitations. However, there is no reason you can’t go for something different.

If you need help with your colour scheme collect your favourite images of bridal bouquets, bride and bridesmaid dresses, and any other wedding stuff you like. Create a mood board from these images: this should help you decide your wedding colours and theme.

Simplicity is key when making your own invites. Remember you going to need to make 30, 40, 50 or more. The simpler the design, the quicker they are to make. Below are some simple design ideas which can be used to decorate your DIY wedding invitations.

• Ribbon and diamanté buckles – Using a combination of satin ribbons and diamanté buckles will create a luxury feel to your invitations.

• Mini Peg and Hearts – Mini pegs can be purchased from many craft stores. Using a heart shaped hole punch cut out hearts from coloured card. Make a few different sized hearts. Layer several different sized hearts on top of each other and secure with a peg.

• Monogram – For this you will need access to a computer and text editing software. Create a simple monogram of your initials using a fancy font.

• Lace and Pearl – The perfect combination for a vintage wedding. Wrap a length of lace around your invitations and finish with faux pearl embellishments.