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5 reasons to hire a limo for your hen party

Posted on 11th Feb, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

When I say “limo” to you, your instant memory may take you back to your school days where you were picked up for your prom and joined your bezzies’ for that VIP ride of your life!

Roll on a few years, some of you may have hired one for one of your significant birthdays, treating yourself to a beverage or two when you go from bar to bar!

Roll forward to the present day and, whilst your thinking of some hen party ideas, why not rekindle those brilliant memories you had inside a limo and hire one for your hen party!?  We think there are 5 solid reasons why you should!

1.  The Surprise

There has to be at least one surprise for the bride to be so why not make it something really special.  Make sure no one knows what your plans are (that way the surprise is amplified even more!) and get everyone to meet at the house of the bride to be.

Wait for the limo to arrive and then watch the priceless reaction from everyone, but more importantly the bride to be!  Camera’s at the ready!

2.  Travelling together

Everyone loves a road trip, whether it’s 15 minutes down the road or 4 hours across the country but let’s face it, there is a big difference between a road trip in a 16 seater mini bus and a road trip in a luxurious, comfortable limo where your all facing each other!  Travel in style with a limo for hire and let the good times begin!

3.  Start of the party

There are a few perks in a limo which go hand in hand for a group of girls on a hen party.  First one is the drinks.  Where else are you going to find your own private mini bar, champagne glasses and storage which will keep your drinks nice and chilled?!

Let the party begin, pop the champagne bottles and cruise in style.  Secondly, there probably won’t be a better sound system then one in a limo. Ladies, make sure you take your favourite CD’s and ones which the Bride to be will love, pass them over to the DJ (Aka your chauffeur!) and party on!

4.  VIP treatment

Start as you mean to go on and finish the night in style.  No taxis needed here ladies. You will be dropped off at the drop off point (which you decide), wait for your chauffeur to open your door and you’ll be helped out and set you off on your way.

Then following your night out, the chauffeur will pick you up at your pick up point, open the door for you and continue the party back to your sleeping quarters!

5.  Hassle free

Hen parties are not the cheapest of nights you will have as they often include a daytime activity, a meal out and then a night out on the tiles!

The great thing about hiring a limo is that your transport will be pre-paid, meaning there will be no extra charges on the day to get to and from your destination which means no negotiations with taxi drivers!

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