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Don’t Hang About To Hire A Limo For Prom Season

Posted on 24th Mar, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

dont hang about to hire a limo for prom season feature image

Limo hire is a crucial part of planning your child’s prom, and is a guaranteed way to make sure they end up arriving in true style. But first, everything’s got to be organised, and you know how it goes – tensions can run high, so everything needs to be perfect. Don’t worry, Limo-Scene are right here with you; we’ve compiled a list of handy tips to make sure you’re ahead of the game when it comes to booking transport for the prom.

Hire Your Limo Early

choosing a prom limo early

We can’t stress this point enough. Prom season is one of a limo hire company’s busiest times, so you’ll need to get organised well in advance before the others beat you to it! That possibly means you’ll have to tackle every parent’s most dreaded task; getting your kids organised enough to make a decision. If they’re sorting out the makings of their ‘prom group’, it’s probably going to be a necessary step to push them to finalise it early. You know how it goes; Darren can’t get there for that time, and Lucy might be too worried about her shoes…it’s a recipe for madness. Thankfully though, you’ve got a few options if they’re struggling to get themselves sorted. You can talk to the other parents directly, or you can err on the safe side and book a larger limo that can accommodate more people if push comes to shove. (If you’re doing that, by the way, our Silver Hummerzine is one smooth mover.)

Limo Hire Before And After The Prom

hire a silver hummerzine

If you read our blog last week, you’ll know that we encouraged the girls with a similar preparation ethic regarding hair and nail appointments. This is where you’ll have to factor in limo transportation, too – what if the appointments overruns slightly? It shouldn’t, but it’s been known to happen, after all. If your limo is on a schedule, is there a danger it’ll have to leave before your daughter is ready? (It’s worth pointing out at this stage, by the way, that here at Limo-Scene we don’t have any time limits or waiting time charges. There aren’t any other jobs to rush off to, and our drivers aren’t checking their watches. Once you hire us, it’s a package deal, so we’re committed to you and only you. Call us biased, but we daresay that’s exactly what you want for a major event like a prom.)

It’s also a good idea to have a ponder about what’s happening afterward. Very few proms finish right there at the venue – there are always afterparties, social gatherings, or even just chilling out at a mate’s house. Which one it’ll be will come down to your child’s own inclinations (and possibly energy levels), but they may well need a set of wheels to get there. And in cases like that, it would make sense to use the same company you used for them to arrive. Perhaps one with impeccable safety standards, flawless professionalism, and an unwavering dedication to awesome customer service. Maybe…a company like us!

At Limo-Scene we’re quite excited to have just opened our new showroom in Leigh. If you’re thinking of hiring a limo, why not come down and check out what we’ve got? Our white Baby Bentley looks fantastic in all its sparkling glory, and we can assure you it’ll look equally stunning when dropping off your child for their big night! And of course, if you have any questions or need any advice, you can always reach us on 0800 389 5811. Don’t be a stranger!

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