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3 Key Signs It May Be Time To Switch Your Limo Hire Company

Posted on 20th Apr, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

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Whether it’s your first time looking for hummer limo hire in your local area (just as an example), or you’re not satisfied with your existing limo hire company, it can sometimes be a challenge to pick out the very best limo service. However, one thing’s for sure – it’s pretty easy to spot the warning signs of the worst! In this week’s blog we’ll cover just a couple of the issues it’s worth considering when choosing your limo hire company. If you’re unsatisfied with an existing service, there’s a chance some of them might have occurred to you already!

1. Issues With The Limo

You’ll find that all the best limo hire companies work hard to keep their vehicles in pristine condition – and that includes us! If you’re discovering sticky door handles, torn upholstery or other dramatic signs of wear and tear, it could well be a warning that the company itself isn’t as dedicated to your experience as it should be.

This covers the cleanliness issue, too. If you’re finding evidence of previous customers – whether that’s in the form of stains or empty bottles – it can be a major warning sign right from the off. The limo hire company should be giving all of their limos a thorough clean between customers, so if they’re not committing to that very basic step you should start to think about going elsewhere.

limo tyres on road

Then there’s the mechanical side of things. As the customer, you shouldn’t be detecting any evidence of mechanical issues, like hearing rattling or creaking sounds. Apart from impacting on your experience, mechanical problems could potentially affect the punctuality of the vehicle, which is obviously a big problem. If the limo isn’t fit for customer use, it needs to be taken out of circulation until it is. In short, there’s no excuse for a limo that’s not up to standard!

2. Hidden Fees

It shouldn’t be something that you have to deal with often anyway, but if you find a deal on limo hire in Manchester or a similarly competitive location that seems too good to be true, there’s a chance that may well be the case! Some limo hire companies try to draw in potential customers with fees that seem low on the surface, and then surprise them with hidden costs further down the line, sometimes even after the limo itself has been booked! If a particular pricing seems unbelievably low, it might be just that – unbelievable!

cost of limo hire

Here at Limo-Scene, we’re naturally up front with you about our costs at every stage, so that you can budget appropriately right from the off. Organising limo hire for proms and similar events can be stressful enough without worrying that the limo company is taking you for a ride (if you’ll pardon the pun!)

3. Punctuality and Driver Attitude

This is obviously a big one. There are two main components to a quality limo service – presentation and service. The limousine itself might be in tip-top condition, but attitude matters too. The driver attitude’s shapes your experience, and if you feel unwelcome then you’re not going to have a good time. It’s as simple as that. We understand how important this is here at Limo-Scene, which is why all of our drivers undergo a very strict training regimen in terms of not just their driving ability, but how they interact with our customers. A limo hire company that doesn’t value its clients isn’t worth your time.

Another aspect of our drivers’ training is their punctuality. If your limo arrives late, it can overshadow the whole experience. You’re not thinking about what a wonderful time you’re having, you’re wondering if you’ve annoyed anyone at the venue, or whether there’ll be any serious traffic, or whether you’ve now got time to make that quick stop-off you planned…see, none of it works!

limo driver

Our drivers always rehearse your route before they take you, so they know exactly what to expect on the journey, and the best ways to deal with any chokepoints or likely delays. It’s a fact of life that traffic is unpredictable, and it’s a good idea to factor in some extra time for your limo to arrive, just in case. But as a customer, you’ll know the difference between acceptable lateness, and when a company just isn’t concerned about your experience.

Different limo companies might have different techniques for ensuring punctuality, but one thing’s for sure – if your chosen limo hire company doesn’t seem fussed one way or the other, it’s definitely time to go elsewhere!

Here at Limo-Scene, we’ve got a fantastic selection of limos to complement our top-quality customer service. Our 16 Seater Black Hummer Limo is particularly popular with our customers at the moment, while our Black Chrysler limo is seeing another spike in bookings as we approach prom season. Isn’t it about time you booked yours? You can give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051 to do exactly that!