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Fit for royalty – the 4 hottest wedding trends of 2018

Posted on 17th May, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

vintage wedding car feature

Britain is abuzz with excitement ahead of the upcoming Royal Wedding, due to take place this weekend – only a few days away! And whether you’re monarchy-mad or not, it’s a great reminder that we’re well into the wedding season already – so if you’re in the midst of planning yours, here are a couple of fantastic ideas to make your special day truly unique! (Don’t forget, luxury wedding transport gets booked up quickly – so don’t wait too long to hire your limo!)

1. Beautiful bouquets and stunning floral displays

This is an interesting one. Opinion seems to be divided as to whether it’s big, bold displays or small, modest bouquets that are the hottest wedding trend right now, but one thing’s for certain – florals are unquestionably back in! They’re rumoured to form a huge part of the upcoming Royal Wedding this weekend, with organisers planning to use in-season flowers that bloom naturally in May, including beech, birch and Meghan Markle’s favourite peonies.

colourful flowers

Of course, it’s up to you whether you’re planning to use lush, cascading floral displays, or keep things traditional with classically beautiful small bouquets. We favour the latter, personally – they hint at a classic English formality!

2. Captivating worlds of colour

Traditionally, white is the one colour that’s always been the most strongly associated with weddings, and couples-to-be have often chosen white when hiring limos in Preston or Manchester. Interestingly though, 2018 is already set to break those boundaries. ‘UItra-violet’, a particularly striking shade of purple, is emerging as a top favourite, alongside darker shades like navy. Metallics like gold, silver and copper are also making their comebacks in a big way. Silver is fantastic for that timeless look, gold is great for giving your venue that bit of glam, and copper is brilliant for adding a wonderfully rustic sheen.

3. Unusual or completely unique venues

unusual wedding venues

Churches aren’t all the rage anymore! As you can probably tell already, individualism is increasingly becoming a major theme of 2018 weddings, and as a result couples are often on the hunt for unusual and off-kilter venues to ensure their special day is truly like no other. Open-spaced, industrialised architecture is a particularly key trend for modern wedding venues, often favoured because it helps brides and their planners to give their wedding day a wonderfully edgy feel, while still leaving enough room (literally) to personalise the venue and put their own personality on it ready for the big day. Of course, you might well have your own ideas!

4. Vintage wedding transport

vintage wedding car

As we’ve touched upon, hiring a white limo will always be the go-to option for many couples, but carrying over from last year is a fascination with all things vintage. That includes vintage wedding cars! It ties in neatly with what we were saying above about the beautifully rustic appeal of metallics like copper – whether it’s for country weddings or weddings in the city, luxury vintage wedding transport will always complement those sorts of colour schemes beautifully.

And when it comes to wedding car hire, we’ve got no shortage of wedding cars to choose from right here at Limo-Scene. Our white Regent Convertible always makes an amazing traditional option, while our Pink Regal Laundaulette is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something truly unique!