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Celebrate your children's party in a fun hummer limo

Children's party

With a variety of on-board children's parties available in hummer limousines, you can be sure your child will have one of the best celebrations of their lives.

Each type of party is unique and designed to be extremely fun and memorable for children.

H Factor parties

The 'H Factor party' in the Pink Hummer is one of the most innovative ideas from Limo-Scene - a special birthday treat.

You children can perform for their friends using the onboard karaoke - prove you have the H Factor.

This party takes place in the hot Pink Hummer Limo - and includes a disco floor, neon lighting, lasers, music system, DVD screens, the latest lighting technology and, of course, the karaoke itself.

All these features contribute to a fantastic H Factor party for your child.

Everyone will know the 'hummer factor' party is in town when each child gives it their all on the microphone.

Sweet 16 Hummer Limo Party

The Sweet 16 Hummer Limo Party takes place in the Pink Hummer Limo or White Hummer Limo - both seating up to 16 passengers.

Transport your child in style with the Sweet 16 Hummer Limo. With this limousine, the biggest and best in town, your child will feel like royalty. This luxurious hummer makes a statement.

The Pink Hummer limo includes an onboard karaoke.

Pink Princess Hummer Limo

Make your daughter feel like princess with Limo-Scene's Pink Princess Hummer Limo Party.

If your child loves pink, then the Pink Princess Party Hummer is ideal for you.

Pink and Bling Nail Party

A trained nail technician will come to your home to paint the children's nails and apply glitter or artwork.

Then, a little later, the Pink Hummer Limo, complete with balloons and soft drinks, will arrive to take them out for an hour.

There is glitzy lighting, and of course, an onboard karaoke system.

Hire a limo for the perfect children's party

Capture those precious memorable moments of your special little person's birthday and keep them forever, to remind you of the fun you all had on that special day.

For all Limo-Scene parties, birthday balloons and soft drinks are supplied for the guests.

Please ensure there is an adult, 21 or older, present during the Hummer limo parties to supervise the children and for safety. This does not apply to eight seater limo parties.

Call Limo-Scene on 0800 389 5811 for more information about children's parties.

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