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This Year’s Most Colourful Wedding Trends

Posted on 18th Apr, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

this years most colourful wedding trends feature image

Spring is well and truly upon us, and many weddings are already in the works! Maybe you’re having yours this year, or maybe you’re just starting the planning now. At Limo-Scene, we’re already getting calls from brides and grooms-to-be about limo hire services for their own special day. If you’re thinking about yours, this might be a brilliant time to look at some of 2017’s wedding trends.

Style Revivals

wedding style ideas

Obviously limo hire for weddings is going to be your first thought for transportation, but what about the venue itself? Well, nostalgia reigns in 2017’s wedding trends, with 1970s style making a big comeback. It makes sense when you think about it – the 1970s brought some absolute revolutions in style, helped along by pop icons of the day like Abba and David Bowie. That means jumpsuits, leather jackets, and bell sleeves for grooms and guests alike. As for décor, you’re looking at crochets, lace, tie and dip dye, as well as gold and temporary tattoos.

This bygone decade was also fantastic for a boho look and flower power, both of which feature prominently in this year’s wedding trends. After all, it was the era of the counterculture generation, with sparkles in your eyes and flowers in your hair. This is honoured in some of these fantastic flower installations, which make beautiful statement pieces and shrines to 70s nostalgia all at once.

In fact, speaking of installations, balloons are all the rage too! Everybody loves balloons – the universal symbol of fun and celebration, this year’s wedding trends are seeing them combined into some amazing feats of creativity. Whether they’re taking centre stage in decorative installations, making a feature of your desserts table or just hanging in the background, adding some cheerful splashes of colour to your venue, balloons are what you need to make your venue really pop. (And yes, pun mercilessly intended!)

Food For Thought

classic wedding cars

The glam rock colours don’t stop there either, with cakes and cocktails also getting the glitzy treatment. Signature cocktail bars are on-trend for 2017, although honestly, at Limo-Scene we’re not sure why they ever weren’t. Meanwhile cakes have never been sweeter, with colour-drips, miniature doughnuts and candyfloss. Then there’s lollipops, glazed icing and chocolate – lots and lots of chocolate. It’s making our teeth itch just thinking about it!

Finally, there’s your transport to consider. If you’re sticking with the vintage side of things, there are few limos more beautiful than our traditional Regent Convertible. It radiates with a dignified, regal air to make you feel like royalty on your wedding day, with a classic bouquet to honour some of that 70s flower power! On the other hand, you can opt for our Pink Regal Landaulette Wedding Car, with a pink finish to match the colourful sweetness of your cakes or cocktails.

Whether you decide to adopt some of the latest wedding trends, or buck them to make your day completely your own, you can count on Limo-Scene to help make your day extra special. Browse our wedding car hire vehicles here, or give us a call on 0800 389 5811 to book yours today. The wedding season starts here, so don’t miss your chance!

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