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Why the Hummer is perfect for prom

Posted on 1st Apr, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

Why the Hummer is perfect for prom

Looking for the classic limo for prom? If, like many teens, you want to make a good impression on prom night, why not begin with a stylish entrance in one of our Hummer limos. Ideal for large parties, the Hummer is perhaps our most popular limo hire choice and comes in a variety of fab colours.


The black Hummer: Best for the classic look / rockstar vibe

For classic black tie, why not opt for our black Hummer? It’s a classic choice that’s bound to impress. With space for up to 16 of you, there’s enough room for your whole party. The blacked out windows and luxury seating add a touch of exclusivity to the vehicle too!

Our black Hummer is suitable for more alternative groups of friends too. Its cool style complements that rock chic look and would fit in perfectly in your favourite rock star music video.

Why the Hummer is perfect for prom

The white Hummer: Best for celebrity style

For a limo that really stands out, go white with our 16-seater white Hummer. Eye-catching and oozing serious style, you and your friends will enjoy the ultimate limo experience. What’s more our white Hummer also comes with some fantastic party-worthy features. It has lasers, stargazers, disco lighting, strobe lighting and a top-of-the-range CD/DVD system – meaning you begin the party before you even arrive at prom!

Why the Hummer is perfect for prom

The pink Hummer: Best for girls

Ditching the boys in favour for an all-girls prom night? If you’re celebrating prom with all your best girl friends, you’ll love our 16-seater pink Hummer. It’s the only Hummer you need to consider! With its hot pink shade, luxury seating, and fabulous hi-tech interior, it’s sure to promise a journey you’ll remember. There is changeable, neon lighting, lasers, and disco flooring. You can also pop on your favourite hits to get you in the mood for prom. What better way to begin the night?

Once you’ve chosen your limo, you can also get more prom inspiration here on our blog. We’ve got tons of advice when it comes to prom style and prom themes.

Why the Hummer is perfect for prom

Your Hummer experience

Your Hummer limo is only the start of the Limo-Scene experience. You’ll also be treated to a great service as you’re chauffeured around by a top professional, dressed for the occasion. Our drivers also make sure you feel every part the VIP and enjoy a limo ride to remember.

If you’ve fallen in love with any of our Hummer limos, secure your preferred vehicle with a phone call today. You can call us on 0800 389 5811 to find out more or to book your Hummer limo hire. Alternatively, you can request a free quote via our online form.

Whatever you do, make sure you secure your limo soon – we’re already receiving lots of enquiries and calls ahead of summer prom.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Which of our Hummers is on your wishlist for prom? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester