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Why hire a wedding planner?

Posted on 30th Jan, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Wedding planning! We look at it with excitement and wonder – Where to start? What to do? Even the words ‘I can do this’!

But nothing really prepares you for the months ahead, with your emotions changing, stress levels rocketing or drastic weight loss or weight gain! These are just a few symptoms of wedding planning.

How can we cure this and how do we stop it happening?

Well, there is one person who would love to help.

A wedding planner!

Why hire a wedding planner? Well, not only are they organised and design focused, they are here to take away all stress and plan your wedding to perfection.

Yes, there is actually a job for someone to plan weddings!

Don’t worry, they don’t take away the excitement of planning your day, they work closely with you so they can fashion your day, whilst getting to know you. Some even become cherished friends and stay in contact years after the event.

There are a lot of ramblings about wedding planners. Aren’t they only for the rich and famous? Don’t they think they’re better than us?

This is not the case as now they have established themselves as being a much needed contact and will work with any walk of life to help with, what they love doing and all our kind hearted, spirited individuals.

Creating a wedding is not as simple as some may seem, people even say it’s one of the most stressful times of your life, with the likes of moving house and having a baby. Hiring a planner will take all stress away and plan it with their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Money is a big part of creating your wedding design and budgeting for the entire event. Planners are known to give a budget support service and help budget your wedding and some cases they have saved thousands, from negotiating and saying you don’t need to go down this route, go this way instead.

Think of them as your fairy godmother, listening to everything you have to say and fashioning into reality, with no problems and just how you dreamt it to be.

Obviously they have a range of services and each are crafted differently, though you will find each planner offering the two most popular services, day management which says exactly that, they come and help co-ordinate our day from start to finish and maybe even coming to see you before.

This is perfect, since it will mean you can relax and know your day will run smoothly and effectively. Surprising, this can start from a little as £300 for most planners!

The other popular service would be the full package, which would be, from start to finish, finding the venue, saucing suppliers, creating a wedding design, budget plan, and day management and so on.

As you can imagine this is a lot of work so most planners won’t be executing more than four a year. This can start from as little as £3,000, but it will depend on the final budget as planners go with a percentage fee.

 5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

1) Saving you money
2) Calms and relaxes you
3) Pushes you in the right direction
4) Organised
5) Designs your day of your dreams

Thank you to Matthew Oliver for this guest post. Visit his blog where you can see what he is up to or visit his videos where he talks about 5 Reasons on different wedding related subjects.

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