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Where the word ‘ Limousine’ derives from

Posted on 10th Mar, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

The word for Limousine derives from the French region of Limousin.

The modern region of Limousin is made up of two old French provinces – Limousin and Marche. It is located in the central west of France.

The first limousines (built in 1902) sat outside covered compartment where the driver sat which resembled the cloak hood worn by shepherds in the region – hence the name.

The shepherds in the region needed protection from the damp winters and consequently worn the cloak with a large hood.

Even though the temperatures summer can get as high as 40 °C, the region is damp. Winters are long and cold and see snowfall frequently.

Modern limo hire cars have changed dramatically since then. Limo hire Manchester, Blackpool and Liverpool are available to the general public.

Manchester based Limo-scene is one such company.

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