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What’s the appeal of a vintage summer wedding?

Posted on 24th Jul, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

vintage wedding bride

We’re all about vintage weddings here at Limo-Scene. Wedding car hire in Manchester and similar locations in the North West are a huge part of our business, and we have a huge range of wedding cars for you to choose from. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a vintage summer wedding, though, you may be wondering: what’s exactly is the appeal? Well, this week we’re here to explain!

It’s popular and on-trend

Vintage weddings first came on the scene several years ago, and since then, they’ve never quite faded from our minds! The popularity of a vintage wedding is incredible – especially in summer, where outdoor weddings take on a lovely rustic charm as they’re bathed in sunshine. This popularity means you’re sure to wow your guests with your wedding aesthetic, from the moment they receive your very first save the date, and that it makes it an exceptionally exciting and memorable experience for them. After all, it’s your special day – but it’s always nice for your guests to take so much pleasure in it, too!

Its wonderful traditional value

cake for vintage wedding

Of course, the traditional and historical value is one of the things that sets the vintage wedding apart from more modern weddings. Specifically, the romanticism! Many brides and grooms revel in having the romantic essence of a bygone age woven into the fabric of their big day, so it’s no wonder that vintage weddings enjoy such enthusiastic popularity.

What’s more, its traditional atmosphere makes it a brilliant opportunity to introduce some old family traditions from your family (your partner’s, too!). Whether that’s by wearing jewellery such as a tiara that’s been handed down over generations, or by taking inspiration from your grandmother’s personalised wedding vows.

That much-loved country aesthetic

A vintage summer wedding and a country summer wedding aren’t necessarily the same thing, but they do share a lot of overlap. The country aesthetic is a big part of any vintage summer wedding, and for those of us who live in big cities like Manchester or Preston, the peace and quietness of the countryside a huge draw. It gives us a sense of peace and tranquillity, catering to a sense of escapism that makes it perfect for a summer wedding. Obviously, countryside weddings are particularly popular in the spring and summer, as this is when the countryside is at its most sunny and beautiful. It goes some way to explaining a major part of the appeal of a vintage summer wedding!

A sense of uniqueness

limo for a vintage wedding

Isn’t that what we all want for our dream wedding? Even throughout its immense popularity, a vintage summer wedding is still a noticeable departure from the more traditional all-white affairs, which is enough to make them a huge attraction for those who fancy a quirkier and more distinctive feel for their big day. And that’s before we go into all the ways that you can personalise this style for yourself! From the colour scheme to the bouquets to the music, you can vary the vintage style as much as you want until your wedding really feels ‘you’.

And of course, that extends to your wedding transport! We’ve got a whole range of vintage vehicles to wow your guests on your wedding day, with a range of colours from silver to burgundy to blue! There’s our Regent Convertible Wedding Car – a longtime favourite – and our Pink Regal Laundaulette, just to name a few! To book yours, give us a call on 07812 102 051!