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What makes a good Limo driver?

Posted on 6th Jul, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

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At Limo-Scene and Wedding Cars we pride ourselves on offering the full package – from a huge selection of excellent cars to top customer service. And while a good car collection is key to any chauffeur’s success, so are his skills.

The making of a Limo-Scene chauffeur

A Limo-Scene chauffeur isn’t just any old chauffeur; you only get the best of the best when you book with us. Each of our drivers is trained to the highest ability, setting an example for how all limo drivers should be.

Our must-have assets include:

  1. A clean, neat appearance

Dressed in a smart uniform, our chaueffers always look professional, whatever the occasion. A well-fitted suit and clean, polished shoes are all you need – along with good personal hygiene.

  1. A willingness to help clients out

It’s the little things that can make a client’s day –a bottle of bubbly for the bride and groom and a newspaper for clients to read on their way to the airport.

  1. Good social skills

While it’s important that our drivers are personable, we don’t necessarily want them talking al the time. It’s important for a driver to learn how to read a person and leave them to it if they wish to be driven in peace, or engage with them if they fancy a chat.

  1. Patience

Driving in traffic jams can be frustrating – as can driving around excitable or nagging clients. We all know how excited kids can be on their way to pop concerts or prom; likewise, we’ve all had those bad days where all we want to do it moan. Remember that your main focus is your job, so try to forget about what’s going on in the vehicle and stay relaxed.

  1. Good preparation skills

No matter how well you think you know the local roads, there will always be diversions and road closures to throw you off your track. Check out a live map of your journey before you head out and update the route accordingly if required. Relying on a satnav will give your clients no confidence in your work and may result in delays if you drive straight into a road closure.

  1. Superb driving skills

It’s essential that a limo driver is confident in their driving skills and follows the Highway Code at all times. No matter what the scenario may be, there are no excuses for breaking speed limits or any rules of the road at any time.

  1. Pride in your vehicle

Even if you look smart, your clients aren’t going to notice if your vehicle looks a mess. Make sure that it’s clean, inside and out, for each and every pick-up and keep your vehicle well maintained. Regular checks and inspections should ensure that clients consistently enjoy a good experience with your firm.

Have you ever had a ride in a Limo-Scene and Wedding Cars vehicle? If so, why not tell us what impressed you about our chauffeur service? Leave your comments below or tweet them to us @LimosManchester