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Longest To Leggiest: Weirdest Limousines From Around The World

Posted on 23rd Feb, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

longest to leggiest weirdest limousines from around the world

You may not have thought it to look on one at first, but limos have been subject to a surprising amount of experimentation across the world. Already a distinctive car in itself, some people have pushed the boundaries of creativity to see just what kind of limos they can get away with – and the results are really something to see.

The World’s Hairiest Caterpillar Limo

callipo limo

If you thought we were going to ease you into this list, you were very, very wrong. Meet Calliope. Dreamed, conceived and constructed by the crazy mind of American artist Gustine Castle, Calliope is a 1977 Checker limo decked out in fluorescent orange fur, with long eyelashes, lips on the front grille and caterpillar legs striping up and down her sides. Hired almost exclusively for kids birthday parties, Calliope is officially licenced to carry up to seven children. The birthday boy or girl is given the option to sit in the front seat in the lap of Big Linda the Gorilla, who, incidentally, is also equipped with her own seatbelt. Linda isn’t the only primate kicking back in Calliope’s interior though – she’s also joined by 25 other stuffed monkeys hanging around in the backseats. So at least Gustine has that angle covered.

The World’s Longest Limousine

worlds longest limo

A Guinness World Record breaker, nothing is done in half measures when it comes to the longest car on the planet. Over 100 feet (30 metres) long, the WLL rolls around on 26 tyres. Inside is a heated Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool and a few beds. But it’s still missing something…oh, nope, they covered that; there’s a helipad on the roof. It’s all pretty impressive, sure, but at Limo-Scene we can’t help but point out that it’s almost definitely foxed by basically any corner. We don’t want to be all gloomy about it though – it’s probably a perfect vehicle to while away the time it takes you to travel the full length of your local airport runway.


Kaz limo

A catchy name and a sparky personality – this joint Italian-Japanese project took five years and $4 million to build. KAZ is short for the Keio Advanced Zero-Emissions vehicle, and we have to admit, even the long form of its name still sounds cool. True to its name, it runs on six electric engines that power six wheels, and its engine houses a neat 74-horsepower. In case you’re not au fait with horsepower, all you need to know is that it’s what enables KAZ to get from 0 to 60 in seven seconds, and allows it to achieve a top speed of 193 km/h. It’s pretty nippy for a limo!

So there you have it – those are our favourites. We’ve got more, too! We haven’t even begun to tell you about the joys of the jet limo, the tank limo, or the cow limo – all of which are exactly as zany as they sound. At Limo-Scene, our limos aren’t decked out with fluffy monkeys or helipads. However, they can at least turn corners, so we’ve already got one up on the record breakers. Our 16 seater white Hummer Limo is a fantastic option for turning heads, while our Black Baby Bentley captures the heart of anyone who sees it.

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