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Unusual (but ideal) gifts to give your dad this Father’s Day

Posted on 13th Jun, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe


Father’s Day is always one of those occasions that tends to creep up on you – and it’s not unheard of for the few days in the run-up to be spent scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. If that’s you, don’t worry – you’re not alone! We’ve got you covered right here at Limo-Scene, with our suggestions for a couple of novel gift ideas you can use to make Father’s Day truly special. We think you can guess what one of them involves (hint – it involves the words: limo hire near me) but there are a couple of other options you might want to consider, too! For example, have you thought about…

A pocket watch

pocket watch

“Seriously?” we can already hear you saying. “It’s not 1952.” Well, no indeed, but that’s exactly why a pocket watch is quite such an interesting present. Let’s be honest, nowadays most of us simply use our phones to check the time, so the role of traditional timepieces like pocket and wrist watches are getting sidelined a lot. So why not lean into it? Get him a present that’s more of a statement piece, with an added sense of practicality, too. If your dad is the kind of man who likes a bit of flair, it’s definitely a gift he’ll appreciate! (Of course, if he is the kind of man who likes a bit of flair, he might also appreciate something like a ride in our Silver Hummerzine limo – but we’ll come onto that in just a moment!)

Decorations for his private space

Here at Limo-Scene, we’re firm believers that every dad has one – it’s just a question of whether he admits it or not. Whether it’s his office at work, his bedroom, his private study or even his den or man-cave, you can find some great off-kilter decorations if you know where to look. Major hubs like Manchester or Preston are home to lots of little vintage shops where you can pick up some great posters, framed photographs, pennants, or other wall decorations to add a bit of extra personality to any empty wall space. If you want to truly go that extra mile, you might even want to get them professionally framed!

A pair of cufflinks and a watch


Yes, we’re going with timepieces again, but there’s a reason for that – they’re just so darn stylish! Though they’re on the smaller scale of things, these presents can also be deeply personal, too – if you choose them correctly! For just the cufflinks alone there are almost endless possible options. They might be in terms of his favourite materials (anything from silver and gold to onyx or diamond), favourite styles or even favourite symbols. Ships, sports or animals like stags or horses are just a couple of options available when it comes to cufflinks. If your dad is into pop culture, you can even account for that, too! (Dalek cufflinks, anyone?)

Much the same applies with his watch – you can go flashy and cool, or subtle and understated. Plus, if we’re going to be a bit cheeky about it, since they’re both relatively small presents, if you’re really on a shoestring, it can be easy to find cufflinks and watches that look more expensive than they are. This could potentially leave you with a bit of extra cash to spend on another bigger present, say, for example…

A luxury limo experience


Of course, amongst all the fretting about presents and cards, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of what Father’s Day is really about – spending time together. With that in mind, it makes sense that one of the best presents you could give him is an experience, creating memories he’ll treasure for years to come. What better way to create a special experience than whisking him out for a fancy dinner in a sleek black Chrysler limo? Let’s be honest, there’s an amazing amount of surprise value in having a stunning limo glide up to the kerb, and it gives you both a chance to enjoy the journey in peace and luxury as your driver takes care of the hassle of getting you there!

Our Silver Hummerzine or black Chrysler limo are far from your only options – with our wide range of vehicles, we cover limo hire in Manchester, Preston, and Blackpool (just to name a few locations!). Why not get in touch using our booking hotline, and call 07812 102 051 today? There’s not long left until the big day!