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UK youngsters embrace high school prom

Posted on 22nd Nov, 2012 by Jackie Jolliffe

Young people across Britain are already looking to get their hands on some high class clothing and hire luxury stretch limos for prom season.

With more children getting excited long before the event takes place, next year promises to be the biggest year so far.

Now the norm for teenagers, the reason this US event has become so successful owes to TV shows and films like Glee, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

What used to be as simple as an end-of-school formal dance or a disco has now become a major event and is even popular in primary schools.

According to The Guardian, many men’s clothing stores are are selling more men’s suits for proms than for Christmas.

And although all the boys need is a smart suit, girls need to think about everything from hair and makeup to jewellery and a beautiful dress.

Every school is doing it, so the market is nearing saturation point.

The trend has exploded so quickly that UK high schools have not even thought to liaise with each other so their children can hire the prom cars they want.

“There’s many disappointed because there just aren’t enough prom cars for everyone,” said limousine company boss Jackie Jolliffe.

“Schools all seem to have proms at around the same time so it’s difficult to get the prom cars you want unless you book early because are the limos have been hired out.

“We are currently taking bookings for 2013 proms. Primary schools are now having them at the end of terms as well so we have seen a huge increase there too.”

Don’t be one of the unlucky few left high and dry on prom night. Book your prom car now.

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