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UK couples being ripped off with wedding prices

Posted on 18th Jun, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe


Couples are paying too much for wedding venues, photography and DJs than in other events, according to a new survey.

Researchers from Which? posed as engaged couples to get wedding prices from wedding venues, DJs and photographers in Edinburgh, London and Manchester, finding that many would charge much more than for a normal event.

One wedding venue was willing to charge the UK consumer watchdog’s researchers four times more than for a family party.

Many businesses prices were more when they found out it was for a wedding. When booking for a family reunion, there were often much better deals.

Which? said: “Our snapshot research reveals some businesses are cashing in on a couple’s big day by hiking up wedding prices.”

“We advise people to shop around to find the best deal before signing any contract.”

Well, if you are likely to be overcharged for these it’s likely that the same will be true for other parts of your wedding.

wedding-picIt makes sense, therefore, to enlist the help of someone who knows what they are doing to get you a great deal on at least some of the headaches that comes with planning a wedding.

After all, it’s not just the money…it causes unnecessary stress. Most people are plan their wedding with no knowledge of how arrange wedding, let alone manage the small details at a reasonable price.

Overtime charges accrue faster than champagne pours. One hour of overtime with a location site or photographer can cost you plenty!

That’s where we can help. We know planning a wedding isn’t all fun and games and isn’t that cheap – there’s a lot to do to prepare yourself for your big day! But It’s the small details which you need to think about, and can end up costing you an arm and a leg if you don’t keep it in check.

That’s where we come in… you can arrange to hire your wedding car or limo, photographer, wedding cake and flowers with Limo-Scene and Wedding Cars – for just £1950.

Let Limo-Scene take care of the small details so you can relax and enjoy your big day with our exclusive wedding package.

You can be sure that everything will run smoothly with Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars.

Arrange for fresh flower decorations, handmade wedding cakes and a superb wedding photographer all through us.

Why go to the hassle of shopping around and relying on several different companies? Limo-Scene can take care some of the headaches for you.

No more worrying whether your flowers, photographer or wedding cake has turned up. Just leave it all to us.