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The Defences Of Cadillac One: The Limo Of The Free World

Posted on 30th Jan, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

the defences of cadillac one the limo of the free world feature image

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, and part of it was down to the rumoured debut of Cadillac One: his new presidential limo. Unfortunately it didn’t make an appearance in the end, reportedly because it won’t be ready until March. We were waiting by the phone, but sadly it seems the president didn’t need to hire a limo either – he just used his predecessor’s car instead. Soon, though, the Cadillac One will replace The Beast of Barack Obama’s day – here’s what we know about it so far.

Not One To Mess With

Some details of Mr Trump’s armoured Cadillac are classified at the moment, and a few indefinitely so. However, the stuff we do know about the president’s new wheels is pretty impressive. It’s equipped with a tear gas cannon on the rear bumper, to discourage any unwelcome pursuers (it would definitely discourage us). It backs this up with military-grade armour, which is 8 inches – 20cm – thick, enough to withstand actual armour piercing bullets. Reportedly, this armour makes the doors so heavy that they’re almost impossible to open from the inside. The limo also accounts for more indirect methods of attack – it’s sealed to protect the president from biological and chemical attacks. The undercarriage has been reinforced to guard against any potential roadside bombs, while the same principle has been extended to the diesel fuel tank, which is both bullet and blast-proof. The laminated windows are made from toughened glass and are several inches thick, making it unlikely that a bullet would get through there either. In fact, only the driver’s side window can even open, so there’s little chance of a (literal) opening for any would-be assassin.

Cadillac One also boasts some intriguing modifications to its wheels – thanks to a solid core, they can keep the car moving even if the tyre has been punctured. (What we wouldn’t give for one of those!) The limousine itself might not look too nimble at first glance, but it’s driven by a highly skilled driver who has been expertly trained in anti-terror and protective manoeuvres.

Stepping Inside

Inside the beast limo

Though cushy, it’s not all sunshine and smiles on the inside either. There’s a shotgun inside the passenger compartment (presumably for the use of a trained agent rather than the president personally), and the car is stocked with the president’s blood type in case he’s injured in any way. Never far from reach are oxygen tanks in case of gas or chemical attack, and there’s even a life support machine to stabilise anyone critically injured.

There’s also conference style seating for five, which is useful for administration purposes even if admittedly less so in the event of a firefight. The car has also been equipped with a state of the art communications system that the president can use to conduct regular business, or even oversee an emergency. In the past, systems like this have been infrequently used in such circumstances though, as the president generally directs these scenarios from the safety of the White House or Air Force One. Finally, the Cadillac One is outfitted with power adjustable suspension that will be able to raise the ride height by a few inches when necessary. It’s speculated that this is the result of a rather awkward incident at the Dublin Embassy a few years ago, when Obama’s limo got stuck on a high curb on the way out.

At Limo-Scene, we’re afraid that our limos don’t stock any vials of your blood type, nor do we keep shotguns in the passenger compartment. However, you can open all the doors yourself and wind down any window you want, so there are at least some silver linings. Our Black Chrysler limo is perfect for that touch of class, or have a look at our white Hummer limo for something that’ll really turn some heads.

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