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Top Tips To Making The Most Of Your Mad Friday

Posted on 15th Nov, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

top tips to making the most of your mad friday feature image

The Christmas decorations are already going up (yes, they are!), and with winter well on the way we’re already starting to get bookings for Mad Friday. If you’ve not come across Mad Friday before, it’s also known as Black Eye Friday, and it’s the last Friday before Christmas in the UK. That makes the definitive night to go out partying, meeting people, and painting the town red (metaphorically, we should say for legal reasons).

Unsurprisingly, it’s earned itself somewhat of a reputation for debauchery, and with that in mind we’ve got a few easy tips here at Limo-Scene to help make sure you can enjoy Mad Friday safely and with the maximum amount of fun.

Limo-Scene’s Top Tips To Staying Safe

top tips

Plan Ahead

You don’t need to draw up a detailed schedule, but just having a good idea of what you’re doing in advance can help you avoid a whole lot of stress on the night. How far away from home are you planning to be? If you get caught out, do you have somewhere you can stay? And if you don’t, do you have plans to get home? Transport is always a vital necessity – and there’s no better option for that than our limos. We’ll come to that in a moment though!

There’s Safety In Numbers

No matter your age or gender, you can sometimes get into trouble on a night out if you’re not careful. To avoid that, it’s always good to have a couple of friends by your side, to give you some support. That’s on the dramatic side of things though – on the lighter side of things, sometimes it’s just easier to have fun the more of you there are. Plus, when you’ve all had a tipple or two, you’ll make better decisions as a group!

Keep Your Essentials Handy

It’s easy to forget, but always make sure your phone is charged before a night out, so you can contact people when you need to most. Also, it might be an idea to keep one of your bank cards in a different pocket or part of your bag. That way, if the worst should happen (like you lose your wallet), you’ve still got access to cash to get you home.

Limo-Scene’s Top Tips To Having Fun!

Pick Your Venue Early

There’s nothing to say you can’t change your mind and leave at some point during the night, but what you definitely don’t want is to wander the streets in the cold and rain early in the night, while you all make a decision on the move. Having a good idea of where you’re going gets the party started faster!

Make Friends!

The time of year gives Mad Friday a great celebratory feel – everyone’s happy and excited for Christmas, making for an easy, relaxed atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to say hello – who knows, maybe it’ll lead to brand new friends.

Arrive In Style!

The most important of all our tips, there are lots of different reasons to pick Limo-Scene for your Mad Friday transport. First, there’s the sheer awe factor of gliding up to the kerb in a smooth black Chrysler limousine, or making a splash in our 16-seater Hummerzine. But there are practical bonuses over ordinary taxis, too – for starters you’re not waiting for ages at the end of the night, and you can count on our drivers to be there when they say they will. Best of all, no one else can jump in and nab it!

When you book with Limo-Scene, we do everything we can to guarantee that you have a safe, fun night out – and look darn good while doing it! You can make a booking via the booking form on our website, or give our booking hotline a call on 07812 102 051.

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