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Top Manchester Venues To Experience On St Patricks Day

Posted on 16th Mar, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

st paddy's day

It’s fair to say that, as a city, Manchester likes a drink or two. (Although obviously here at Limo-Scene, we always advocate doing so responsibly.) That means that when St Patrick’s Day comes around each year, there’s never any shortage of places to go – whether you’re looking to hire a limo to start an epic night out, or just pop in, grab a quick pint and bask in the atmosphere. But if you’re struggling for ideas on where to go, here at Limo-Scene we’ve taken the liberty of collecting some top suggestions for you!

Our Recommendations For Daytime Festivities

If you’re local to the city centre, when someone says the words ‘Irish bar in Manchester’, one name probably springs to mind before any others. That name is very likely to be O’Shea’s, which has made its name as one of the city’s most-loved Irish venues. And its staff are pulling out all the stops for St Paddy’s Day, with live music from midday, so you can enjoy some classic Irish tunes. On the big screens they’ll also have live coverage of the final day of the Six Nations, including the much-anticipated Ireland vs England game. It’s likely to be a corker! Meanwhile, football fan-favourite Mulligans promises its own flavour of the same, with traditional Irish food and a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere.

If you’ve got family in tow, on the other side of the city you’ve got the Irish World Heritage Centre, locally famous as a major hub of the Irish community. The staff there are getting in on the act too with some awesome live Irish music, including some delivered by acclaimed local singer Beth Mann.

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Getting Rowdy After Dark

Depending on your personal tastes, you might already have a rough idea of where you want to go, but if you’re looking for inspiration you’ll find that Revolution on Deansgate Locks is never a bad place to start! For Saturday it’ll be home to what they’re proudly calling their Legends of Ireland event, with Guinness served all through the day, and live music from a DJ and electronic harpist. What does an electronic harpist sound like, you might be wondering? You’ll have to head on over to find out!

Of course, diehard Mancunians will already know that Printworks is always good for a night out, and St Patrick’s Day promises to be no different. Especially in Bierkeller, everyone’s favourite banging Bavarian-themed bar, in which Guinness again looks likely to feature heavily in the drinks menu. If you’re out till late, it might be worth poking your head into Black Dog Ballroom – open until 4am! – or even Bar Pop on Canal Street. The latter especially looks like it’ll be something special, with its in-house drag troupe getting down to some awesome Irish tunes. It looks like it’ll be quite a night!

If you’re thinking about one of the more upmarket venues, why not arrive in style? It’s always worth checking our booking hotline for next-day limo hire. Here at Limo-Scene we’ve got the best hummer limo hire available in Manchester, so even if you might think it’s a long shot, definitely take a chance and give us a call on 07812 102 051. You never know!