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Top 5 ideas that are sure to rock your hen night

Posted on 10th Mar, 2020 by Jackie Jolliffe

hen party

A hen night is a very special day to lots of people, and understandably so! While the marriage day itself is a celebration of two people’s love and devotion to each other, hen parties are celebrations in their own way – of friendship and memories spent together. (It’s one of the reasons that so many hen parties choose to hire a limo to make the night extra-special!) So if you’re looking for ways to celebrate your own hen night, we’ve got a few ideas we think you’ll love.

1) Cocktails!

For a great girls-night-out, what better way to celebrate than a cocktail party. Pick your favourite venue and be sure to book space, so you know they will have room to accommodate everyone. Lots of venues have areas that can be made private or set aside for larger groups, so it’s sensible to book these kinds of places. (The mocktail menu is always handy for any teetotallers in your party, so you can be sure nobody feels left out!) Everyone can get dressed up and you could even hire a limo to and from the venue. Feeling glamourous and having a celebration is a classic way to spend your hen-night, and it is no surprise why this is the most popular hen-night option on the list!

limoscene cocktails

2) Games Night

For a more relaxed evening, how about a night in? Board-games don’t have to be boring; there are so many great games out there, from simple party games to unique card games and much bigger table-top board games. Have a selection of games and plenty of food and drinks to offer, and you can all enjoy a laid-back evening in your comfiest clothes.

If games aren’t your thing, bring out your collection of DVDs or load up one of the many popular streaming sites to explore film ideas. This is a super easy and affordable way to spend time together, so make the dress code pyjamas and bring out the popcorn!

3) Spa Retreat

Booking a day of pampering will ensure maximum relaxation, and who doesn’t enjoy a dip in the pool and a relaxing sauna experience? Most spas offer food and drinks, so a package deal could include relaxation, lunch, and a glass of bubbly for everyone. It’s a brilliant way to unwind and help with the stress from all the wedding planning.

limo blog plan the perfect spa-day

4) Adventure

If you and your party are more of the adventurous types, what about an activity-filled adventure? A session at an indoor centre with rock-climbing walls or skiing sessions could be a great choice. You could also opt for an outdoors adventure with a camping trip or a trip to an amusement park. Just make sure everyone can be involved in the activities, as you want your party to be as inclusive as possible.

5) Travel

If you have a bigger budget, go for a trip somewhere and enjoy a nice holiday or weekend retreat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be abroad, but do check the weather first! Rent a lodge somewhere scenic or book a hotel in a city for a shopping trip. There are plenty of brilliant cities and towns across the UK, so it’s a perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new or visit somewhere you already know you love.

There are so many more great ways you can celebrate with your hen party – and we can help with that extra touch to make it a truly memorable night. Our 18 seater Hummerzine is always a popular choice, and our 16 seater black Hummer limo is a girl’s night out on wheels! Book yours today by calling our booking hotline on 07812 102 051!