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Tips for the parents of the bride and groom

Posted on 8th Jun, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

Tips for the parents of the bride and groom

Planning a wedding is a big deal for parents as well as the bride and groom. As a parent, you’ll face almost as many questions, dilemmas, and stresses as the happy couple themselves – but how you choose to deal with them is really important.

  1. The subject of finances

Many couples these days are lucky enough to get some sort of financial support towards their wedding from their parents. Some parents cover the whole cost of the wedding while others offer to cover the cost of just one element, like the bride’s wedding dress. Whatever you decide to do with regards to money, it’s important to be up front about finances from the start.

Once the planning starts to get underway, sit down with your son / daughter and their partner and explain how you intend to help. You might offer a lump sum of money or offer to help in other ways, perhaps by making the wedding cake or bouquets.

calculating wedding costs


  1. Your opinion Vs. theirs

Weddings are a big event for the whole family, not just the bride and groom, but it’s important to remember whose day it is. While you might want to suggest ideas for the day, it’s important to listen to what the bride and groom want and not to impose all your own decisions.

wedding discussions


  1. Family politics

Compiling a guest list for a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about family politics. If you’ve got a problem with or dislike a member of either family, put your issues to one side for the day of the wedding.

wedding guest list


  1. Wedding-appropriate attire

The responsibilities of mum and dad cover their outfit choices too. Usually, the Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom will wear suits to match the rest of the groom’s party. Even if this isn’t your usual style, it’s only respectful to adopt the right look for the wedding day.

The idea of wedding-appropriate attire applies to mums too. While you may want to use the opportunity to dress up, you don’t want to go OTT with your outfit either. Avoid wearing anything that shows off too much flesh and whatever you do, don’t wear white!

wedding suit with pink tie


  1. Big-day back up

Even though the bride and groom have bridesmaids and ushers to help them host and run their big-day, it’s enviable that you’ll have a part to play too. Whether it’s helping to re-arrange table décor or playing toastmaster for the afternoon, be prepared to give a helping hand whenever required.

wedding goup

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In what ways have your parents helped you to plan your wedding? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester