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Thoughtful, practical wedding favours

Posted on 10th Jan, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

When the plans for a wedding get underway, wedding favours are often overlooked until the last minute.

These small, usually inexpensive gifts are placed next to guest plates.

It’s a special way to show your guests you appreciate their presence at your wedding.

The right wedding favours will mean your guests leave remembering how much you valued their attendance so their memories will be even more special.

Therefore, it’s important to think about what your wedding favours should be. Chances are you have already spent enough and you also need to keep the price down.

Additionally, you can also use your wedding favours to help emphasise your theme.

The easiest choice of all wedding favours is to use sweets.

You can use a small number of sweets or chocolates and tie them together using a ribbon that matches the theme of your wedding and put a small sachet of sweets or chocolates on each place.

These are fantastic for large weddings because they are cost effective, and don’t take much time.

You can customise the colours you use for ribbons and include a small card with your wedding favours.

But remember that sometimes, buying things to fit into your specific wedding theme can get expensive and it may be difficult to achieve.

For a more cost effective solution, consider choosing wedding favours that fit into any wedding theme.

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