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The power of music at your wedding

Posted on 21st Mar, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Music – it’s essential in a wedding. Everyone loves music – it’s everywhere, pervading our world.

We’re here to offer some advice on planning your wedding music.

As well as creating ambiance, music inspires and touches our being, evoking feelings that are often difficult to express.

It can change a difficult mood to make it happier – or it can change a light mood and make it more profound.

It’s no wonder then that we want our wedding music to be exactly right to make everyone remember your big day.

Reception music

Let’s starts start with the basics – the reception. You know how important the music is at your reception, right?

Live Music Management, who are the UK’s Premier Entertainment Agency, provide expert advice and provide a range of live entertainment for your Wedding Day.

So whether you hire a DJ or a live band or just put on a CD, the music should be great, with lots of dancing, especially for the first dance. Only you know what music will work best at your wedding, but might we suggest something that means a lot to you as a couple.

Pick a meaningful song to you both – people will really notice on a subtle level. The music can be anything you want it to be – just avoid songs like ‘I Want to Break Free’ by Queen or ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division.

Down the isle

OK, so ‘Here Comes The Bride’ is traditionally what couples play when they are walking down the isle – usually on the organs or piano.

But there’s absolutely no reason that you need to stick to this. Don’t let social conditioning dictate your wedding.

But remember, it’s better to go with instrumental versions so as not to spoil the atmosphere.

On the journey…

When you hire your limo and wedding cars, you probably won’t be thinking much about the music that will be playing on the way…well, you should. Having some great music on the way to and from your wedding will set the right mood.

If you want to hire a limo or two to take guests over to the ceremony, then it’s important that you choose wisely before sticking on your favourite tunes.

You can hire a limo with high-quality surround sound speakers, with strobe lighting and LCD screen to really put you and your guests in the mood.

If you can’t decide what your guests will like, here’s a hint – fans of jazz and classical music usually have high IQs, fans of pop music are usually conventional and conservative, fans of energetic and dance music are usually extroverts, and fans of gangster rap and heavy metal are more likely to be introverts.

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