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The Pitfalls Of Booking A Limo Via A Broker

Posted on 15th Nov, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

So, you’ve decided to hire a limo for your special event, but before heading in the direction of a broker to book your limo, you may want to consider going direct.

Booking a limo is an important decision, even more so if it’s for your big day. So, when you make that call you want to be able to speak to the owners of the limo you wish to hire directly.

It is important that you confirm the pick up and departure details, the limo you want to hire and the number of guests in your car – to the company providing you with the limo hire service – not the broker.

When searching for the perfect limo hire company, you’ll find that you won’t be short of choices. However, that doesn’t mean you are dealing with a local company – there are many brokers out there acting as a ‘middle man’.

What is a Limo Broker?

A limo broker represents companies nationwide. A broker doesn’t own a fleet of vehicles and in most cases has very little knowledge of the companies they are representing and the cars they are selling to you. When booking with a broker, you have no idea where they are and whether any screening has been carried out e.g. does the limo even have a COIF.

A limo broker will charge a brokerage fee, which is added to the limo hire. The broker will then contact limo companies in the location you need the vehicle e.g. Manchester, to find an available company and arrange your hire. This is where the broker’s involvement ends, and it is your responsibility to handle the rest of the booking.

Disadvantages of Using a Limo Broker

Many people knowingly and unknowingly use a limo broker when they are in the market to hire a limo. Here are some disadvantages of not going direct:

  1. Brokers charge a brokerage fee.
  2. You may not get the car you want, as the broker cannot offer to show you the limo you are booking.
  3. You may not get the answers to your questions – it is likely that the broker has no knowledge of the company with whom the limo belongs to.
  4. The driver may not be dressed for the occasion – the broker can fail to relay all of the information you give to them.
  5. The limo you are hiring may not be fully licensed – if you go direct you can ask all the necessary questions and get the answers almost immediately.

Why should you go direct?

The benefits of going direct to a limo hire company outweigh those to a limo broker. Be sensible, avoid extra charges, speak with the people associated with the limo you are hiring directly and most importantly, avoid disappointment.