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The Essential Prom Checklist For Parents

Posted on 20th Jun, 2018 by Jackie Jolliffe

school prom

Ask any teenager, and they’ll tell you that prom is generally a pretty big deal. For many teens, it’s the long-awaited chance to blow off steam now that their exams are finally over. Not only will they be looking forward to dressing up in their fancy best, and likely to their arrival in a limo for hire, but there’s also – of course – the prospect of the social gatherings and the after-parties. As a parent, you’ll naturally want to make sure that the evening is as smooth and stress-free as possible for both you and them, so with that in mind, here at Limo-Scene we’ve put together a quick checklist for you! First you’ll want to make sure…

1. The tickets have been bought

As the parent of a teenager, you’ll already know: they can be a bit notorious for swanning in one evening and casually announcing “by the way, Miss Smith says I need X, Y and Z for tomorrow.” A bit of further investigation usually reveals they’ve actually known about this for some time, leaving you to sprint about trying to get everything ready twelve hours before they need to have it with them. Prom tickets are a classic example of this kind of thing – teenagers are bad at organisation, is what we’re saying.

Make sure you give yourself time well before the event to make sure they’ve properly registered to attend the prom, and that they’ve been given their tickets. Particular pro-tip: find out if they need to have printouts with them on the night. Many a parent has been caught out by that one, often with the limo already waiting outside!

2. Their outfits are all in order

prom couple

Make sure they’re measured up, and that their suits or dresses fit. Don’t let them try them on for the first time on the actual night (teenage boys, we’re looking at you!). It might be worth having backup shirts, ties or shoes around the house, just in case. Boutonnieres, cufflinks and ties are worth giving a once-over, just to make sure they look as they’re supposed to. Plus, for both girls and boys, it’s worth checking to see if the prom has a dress code, and that your child is in line with it, if one was given. They’d be devastated if they were turned away at the door, and at the very least, even if they do get in eventually, it’s a hassle that you and your child could do without.

3. That they know the plan

This is arguably the most important option on our list, at least equal to checking the tickets are all present and correct. Make sure that you know your teen’s plan beforehand, including where they’re going to go, how long they’re going to be there, where they’re spending the night or how they’re getting home. Some parents are more protective than others, but one thing’s for certain – you always want at least a rough indication of where your child is going to be at all times!

It might also be worth double checking with other parents, too, to find out which are the ‘hottest’ after-parties. In other words, the likely places your child might end up with all their friends. That way, if they fall off the radar (God forbid), you’ll know the first places to look. That’s another crucial point; make sure your child takes their phone with them, and that it’s charged. If there’s a risk of them having no reception, make sure they’re aware of other ways to contact you.

And of course, speaking of plans…

4. That the luxury prom transport is all sorted


There might not be that long until the prom now, but there’s still time to book your luxury limo transport from our range right here at Limo-Scene! Limos are a vital part of prom, and perfect for creating fond, enduring memories for your teen for years after the event. We have a wide range of prom limousines for hire – our Black Chrysler Limo is always a favourite for prom-going teens, while our 18-seater Silver Hummerzine is ideal for larger groups who want to make a particularly spectacular entrance!