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TESTIMONIAL: 50th Birthday Celebration!

Posted on 12th Jun, 2014 by Jackie Jolliffe

Wow! Well, did the night turn out as perfect as we could have dreamt off? Absolutely, Yes!!! Thank you so much for the fantastic support you and your company played in it!

Transporting a very, very special cargo of 12 ‘life time friends’ together, for what was a ‘Half Century Birthday Celebration’, for a special dinner with no worries about driving for any of my guests. I wanted it to be a hassle free, inexpensive night for them, just my pleasure to treat all my friends and enjoy their company!

Naturally, on route a fair few drinkies were enjoyed knowing we were in the safe hands of our driver Paul, in a stunning White Hummer, seating us all so comfortably, aswell as those birthday gifts which sat on the spare 4 seats, how lucky was I?

All my guests were just told a taxi would be there to pick them up and take them home, so it was for all of them a lovely suprise to know we were all traveling together and in such style, with a glass of bubbles that you so very kindly gave me permission to take along, aswel as take a couple of memorable Cd tunes along, Simply Red and all!

It was so lovely to have glasses all taken care of and above all, not to feel any guilt while been driven along that we could make the most of our time together aswel as drink some special bubbles.

With a few pick ups to do, it was just a super way to enjoy the time inbetween, before arriving at our stunning venue, where the meal was a dream too.

When dinner was done, instead of everyone having to head home, it was back in the Hummer for a lovely ending, glass again in hand, music back on. The colourful strobe lights back on just made us all smile again!

Everyone arrived home safe, sound and very happy after a very memorable night out!

It was a very special and new experience for all of us, as at our age, we had never ‘Hummered it’ before!

Thank you Jackie & all at Limo Scene for your advice, honesty and genuine customer service. It was the best way to Travel for my very memorable occaision!

I will always recommend Limo Scene, and here’s to happy occaisons again in the future when I will need you again!

Thank you once again!

Kind Regards

Tania xxx