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Specifications of a hummer limo hire Manchester vehicle

Posted on 28th Apr, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

Hummers, one of the many types of vehicle available for limo hire Manchester, are very stable thanks to their wide track. They have high approach and departure angles at around 35 degrees.

It can also negotiate gradients of 60% or side slopes of 40%.

This limo hire Manchester vehicle features a two-speed, electronically controlled, full-time four-wheel drive system – suitable for most driving conditions.

Electronic locking is standard and though fore and aft recovery hooks also come as standard.

There are also a number of safety features – electronic stability control, anti-lock four wheel disc brakes, and brake controlled traction control. Side curtain airbag bags used to be optional but are now standard.

Hummer limo hire Manchester vehicles are rated as the second highest level by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in both frontal offset and side-impact crashes.

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