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Prom style ideas for 2015: The luxe metallic look

Posted on 13th Feb, 2015 by Jackie Jolliffe

Luxe metallic pic

A hot trend in the world of proms and weddings for 2015 is luxe metallic. Chic and sophisticated, you really can’t go wrong with this look.

While we’re not suggesting you go all out with a super shiny glitz fest, we do recommend that you consider featuring metallic throughout your prom look. Want to find out how? Read on…

We’ve started a Pinterest Board for this look – view it here and please help us add to it!

The car

When it comes to your prom car, be inspired by modern gems. The metallic trend is very now, so a vintage style car wouldn’t really suit the look. Instead, you want to pick a sleek and sophisticated limo or a celebrity-style modern car.

The Mercedes S500 is our top pick for the luxe metallic look. It doesn’t just complement the colour scheme it also oozes serious style, which is a must for this look.

The metallic five-seater comes with a classy black leather interior, tinted windows and the registration plate VIP RU – guaranteed to make you feel very special indeed.

Mercedes 500

For larger parties, we recommend a limo – and the 18-seater silver Hummerzine often goes down a storm at prom night. Again, the metallic paintwork will match your theme perfectly and the sheer size of the vehicle is set to impress passers by.

What’s more, it comes with luxury seating, disco lighting, laser lights and multiple LCD screens – ensuring your party can begin before you even get to prom!

Another one of our favourites for the luxe metallic look is the black Chrysler, otherwise known as the Baby Bentley. While it may not be metallic in colour it is one of our most sophisticated models and a great take on the traditional limo.

The Chrysler seats parties of up to eight and is fitted with every modern comfort you need. All that will be left for you to do is to look the part!


Modern style

Instead of opting for a shiny dress full of silver sequins, incorporate a metallic colour palette in a stylish, subtle way with metallic cotton, embroidery or embellishments.

You can still add striking sequins to your look, but perhaps keep it to the top half of your dress, leaving the skirt more traditional.

The boys won’t have to invest in a shiny grey / silver suit either. A metallic tie along with some cufflinks is often all that’s required to create the metallic look.

Remember that metallic doesn’t have to mean bronze, silver or gold either. Any colour can be given the metallic touch – in fact you’ll find a few ideas on our Pinterest board.

Luxurious final touches

The metallic look really is about luxury, so finish off your look with a sparkling necklace, bracelet or drop earrings and a pair of metallic peep toes or court shoes.

Metallic colours also look fantastic on your skin and nails – in fact many celebrities favour the look.

Invest in a trio of metallic eye shadows for the big-night and add a touch of shimmer and shine to those nails of yours!

What do you think of the luxe metallic look? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @LimosManchester