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What prices can I expect when I hire a limo?

Posted on 21st Mar, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Do you think that a limo hire is out of your price range? Well, we’re here to dispel that myth!

In fact, in some cases, it can be cheaper get a limo hire from us than it can be to use a taxi company.

With the cost of travelling expenses rising over the past several years, rising fuel prices rising and higher train fares, it makes more sense than even to hire a limo for a special occasion.

Like many people, you might be under the impression that a limo hire is not practical, since many people think limo hire prices are expensive.

But it won’t cost you as much as you think. If you hire a limo, it may cost the same as renting a specially made car if you are smart about it.

Limo hireType of limo

The prices vary depending on the type of limo you choose. Some limos use more fuel than others.

A hummer limo for hire uses more fuel than a Chrysler limo, simply because it’s much bigger. As a rule, the bigger the car, the more fuel it will need.

The age of the limo also plays into the price. A brand new limo will cost more to hire than an older model.

Journey length and time taken

The prices will be based on the event that you are attending, the number of hours and the amenities offered.

So, with that in mind, find out the duration that you will need the limousine for.

It generally takes a bit of time to prepare a limousine for dispatch, which is why operators ask for a minimum charge.

It’s usually higher in peak seasons like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Prices also may be slightly higher than usual for school proms because of demand. The chances of finding the exact limo you want in June are considerably less. Friday nights, weekends, and special events can also have higher prices.

Remember to check out how far the limo company has to travel to collect you, since this will probably be added on to the price.


Some limo companies may offer suspiciously low prices. Don’t be fooled! A minority of companies don’t pay to have their limos fully licensed.

Anyone found operating illegally in order to avoid licensing is extremely likely be caught by VOSA, who will insist that the limo will have to be modified in order to achieve COIF.

In particular, larger 4×4 vehicles such as hummer limo hire vehicles will be paid attention to.

Many vehicle operators are believed to have been ignoring the law ever since its introduction. Once they are modified, they should apply for a COIF to the department of transport.

Even vehicle carrying eight passengers or less must still comply with IVA or SVA standards.

Should the car get spot checked by VOSA – it could be removed from the road and your journey terminated.

Be shrewd and ask to see the paperwork.


Even if you are trying to find a cheaper deal, never compromise on service.

There’s not much point in getting a luxury vehicle if you don’t get the most out for it. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in the North West.

We provide a personal and professional service making sure all of your requirements are fulfilled. Our superb fleet includes Hummer and Chrysler Limos.

Get a quote on one of our fleet.

Images sourced from Flickr