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Planning for the perfect wedding

Posted on 5th Jun, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

So…the big question has been asked and, of course, you have said yes! Now the real fun can begin. Gather loads of wedding magazines, a glass of blush wine and a bag full of creative ideas and get planning.

The first thing to do is write down every idea that you have under different categories – such as theme, flowers and venue –  and let your imagination go wild.

Wedding dayAt this stage every idea could be the one so don’t think that any of them are too farfetched or wouldn’t work, you just never know what might be possible.

The most effective tool that you need in the planning stages of the wedding is a note book that you can carry around with you, you never know where inspiration will strike and need to capture it immediately. The best ideas come from when you are least expecting it.

Once you have decided on the look that you (and of course the husband to be) want make sure that you stick with it and be confident with your decisions.

As you continue to look through magazines and other areas of inspiration, you will like other looks and ideas, but if you get easily distracted by this you will find that you could end up with a mismatch look on the day and not to mention lots of different accessories that don’t really go together.

This is also the easiest way for you to lose control on the money fron, since you could end up wasting money on things that you don’t really need or want.

Try as difficult as it will be to keep your ideas to yourself as everyone will have an opinion (trying to do the best by you of course) of what you are doing, if you are doing it correctly or if they like the look that you are going after. Remember, that it is your day and you must have what you want.

Don’t be afraid to put the look together in your own home before the day, lay the table, take pictures of it and play around with it until you are really happy with it. If you don’t like the accessories or the look when you are mocking it up, it can all back to the shop and you can start again.

The pictures that you take of your table laid, are a great tool to give to your venue for them to copy. This will be one less detail to stress about on the day as the venue will be able to copy exactly what you want for the tables, seating and any other decorative twists that you want them to do.

When it comes to dress shopping, my only advice is to try everything on even if you think that the meringue dress won’t suit you or the column dress isn’t the princess dress that you had imagined.

Choosing your wedding dress isn’t like buying a normal dress, shapes that wouldn’t normally suit you, surprisingly look amazing so don’t disregard any of them until you have tried every shape possible on. It’s also a really good excuse to spend numerous weekends surrounded by silk, satin and chiffon what girl could resist!

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life and make sure that you have loads of fun pulling everything together.

Thanks for this guest post from Rebecca Woodrow Bridal.