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Office Christmas party ideas

Posted on 5th Dec, 2016 by Jackie Jolliffe

What are you doing for your office Christmas party?

Office Christmas party season is just around the corner – but just because it’s all booked up, doesn’t mean everything is sorted. If you haven’t considered your party transportation yet, now is the time to get booking. At Limo-Scene and Wedding Cars we’ve got plenty of fantastic limos for hire – all of which are definitely Christmas party worthy.

Heading to a local restaurant

office christmas decorated table

If you’re out celebrating with your team or work in an office with 50 colleagues or less, you’ll probably be heading to a local eatery. Two of the best things about this style of party are that it’s cost effective and fun. You don’t have to worry about splitting the cost of a venue for hire and the atmosphere is bound to be amazing. As you’re all saving some pennies, you could splash out on one of our limos for hire too!

The perfect limo: Make the most of your evening with a ride in one of our Hummer Limos. You’ll have the choice of our White Hummer limo, Black Hummer limoand Pink Hummer limo – the latter perfect for girls out celebrating their Christmas party.

A private office party

What are you doing for your office Christmas party

If you work for a larger company, you may be lucky and treated to a swanky do. Whether it’s a formal dinner or gala ball, there’s no doubting you’ll all be getting dressed up. Of course, with a formal party, there’s only one way to arrive at a venue – by limo of course!

The perfect limo: Arrive in style in our classiest limo yet – the White Chrysler limo, otherwise known as the Baby Bentley. With its sleek, soft lines and luxury interior, it’s perfect for formal affairs.

A Christmas extravaganza

What are you doing for your office Christmas party?

Perhaps your workplace likes to do things a little differently? If you’re being whisked off to somewhere off the wall, arriving in the right fashion is key. So whether you’re attending a circus show and formal dinner event, going on a boat cruise or dining at the zoo – we’ve got the perfect party limos for you!

The perfect limo: Experience the ultimate in limo experiences in our Silver Hummerzine, which has space for up to 18.

Pub crawl

What are you doing for your office Christmas party?

Left your Christmas party planning until the last minute? Even if you’re heading to the pub or experiencing some of the hot drinking spots in town, you can still celebrate in style. While you’ve left it too late to secure a venue, there’s still time to secure one of our limos to ensure safe transportation to and/or from your drinking venues.

The perfect limo: Catch the eyes of passers-by in our Black 16 Seat Hummer limo. The 16-seater model is ideal for transporting all your colleagues and ensuring an unforgettable trip into town.

Get in touch with the team to book your limo today. You can contact us on 0800 389 5811.

Don’t forget we do corporate limo car hire too. So, if you’re looking for luxury limo transportation in December or 2017, make sure you get in touch with the Limo-Scene team!

Is one of our Limo-Scene limos playing a part in your festive celebrations? If so, tell us which limo you’ve chosen and why over on Twitter @LimosManchester