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Match your limo to your stag activity

Posted on 24th May, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Limos are a glorious addition to any event, but being as it is your stag do, having a limo is going to make it even more memorable.

But you can’t just go all willy nilly with your stag activity, you need a limo that is going to match your Stag Do Packages.

Town car

There is nothing more VIP then being dropped off for your evening meal in a Lincoln Town Car Limo, these are the limos that you see in all the films and tend to be the limo of choice for most celebrities, well in America that is.

Black Chrysler

This limo is perfect for hitting it big time at the Casino, if you are having an evening at the Casino, and you really want to look the part. Then rolling up in a Chrysler shaped limo will definitely help you achieve that look.

Black Hummer

image1Being as the hummer is the civilian version of the U.S Army’s Humvee, this limo definitely should be used to give you that ready for action feel. “What action?” I hear you ask, well how about you get a ride to an activity that in some way has the use of weapons, for example Paintballing, Laser Tag or even a Warrior Weapon Experience.


This limo is a bigger version of the standard Hummer Limo, bigger is always better in my eyes. So keeping with that theory, you should definitely use this limo to take you to a tank driving session.

Because in terms of a Stag Do activity, you don’t get much bigger than a tank, and in terms of a limo, you don’t get much bigger than a Hummerzine, so they are perfect for each other. Plus, you can’t get out of a puny little taxi, before you step in to a 15 ton tank! It just doesn’t seem right.

So there you have the perfect match making for a limo and your activity. Obviously, these are not always going to work out, as they do depend on your group size, because you can’t fit 15 guys in an a 8 seater Town Car. For example, but the idea is there should you wish to take it.

This blog was written by Matt Crookes of The UK’s Number 1 Stag party planning company.