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Limos and Taxis

Posted on 5th May, 2011 by Jackie Jolliffe

In the limo industry, issues arise every day concerning limo hire companies.

There are varied and often complicated issues in the industry.

When limousines made the transition from transporting business people to vehicles used for occasions such as hen and stag nights, issues began to arise between the taxi industry and limousine industry – with huge infighting over passengers and fares.

Although limos have become more popular over time, they are vastly different from taxis because taxis are used for general transport. By contrast, limo hire vehicles are used mainly for special occasions.

This dynamic naturally creates saturation in the market.

With too many limo hire companies and fewer customers, the two industries are forced to compete for business – which would normally go to taxi drivers.

Smaller businesses are forced to compete with the larger ones – and often neglect issues like safety checks and insurance.

On the other hand, the issues facing the taxi industry and the limo industry are inherently different.

The limo hire industry has many consistent service requirements to take care of and higher wages for chauffeurs. Taxis are more of an impulse purchase.

This is particularly prominent in Liverpool, Blackpool and Manchester. Limo hire Manchester is available at Limo-Scene.

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