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The 3 Main Things To Know About Limo Hire Etiquette

Posted on 12th Sep, 2017 by Jackie Jolliffe

the 3 main things to know about limo hire etiquette feature image

At Limo-Scene, we’ve always said that it’s our purpose to make your limousine experience as memorable as possible. For us, it’s far more about getting you from A to B – it’s about creating an experience like no other, creating lasting memories for you and your friends or family. And, let’s be honest – limousines make for great bragging rights, too. In order to get that experience just right, however, there are a few things we need from you, too. It’s nothing strenuous! In fact, the only things we expect can be summarised by three simple points.

The 3 main limo hire rules are:

  1. Know the safety limits.
  2. Be mindful of the law.
  3. Respect your driver and the vehicle.

So what do we mean by these, exactly? Well…

Stay Safe At All Times

Customer safety always has been, and always will be one of our central concerns here at Limo-Scene. We want you to have a good time and stay safe while doing it – and thankfully, that’s not too difficult to achieve. Most of it is common sense; for example, no matter what you’ve seen on the big screen, we strongly advise against standing through the sunroof. Sorry – it’s just not safe!

Slightly less obviously: all of our limos have size limits. While naturally these limits are perfectly workable – we wouldn’t set them if they weren’t! – it’s easiest to make the most of your limo hire experience when you’ve got as much room as possible. That means if you’ve got a few spaces left over, don’t worry about filling them for the sake of it; trust us, you’ll love the extra room!

The Law Still Applies

While it’s our job to make sure you enjoy yourself in our limos, remember they’re not a closed bubble. Drug use and underage drinking are still against the law inside the limo or out, and we’re very firm on our opposition to it. Breaking the law in one of our limos may well end up in your ride being ended immediately – and that’s the best case scenario. As long as it’s legal to do so, by all means enjoy a cheeky glass or two in our limos, but try not to get too crazy before you’ve arrived at your destination.

Respect The Driver And The Vehicle

The driver is a major part of your experience, and we take care to make sure every one of ours are friendly, well-trained, and care about their jobs. For as long as you’re in the limo, you’re their responsibility, which means they’ll do everything they can to make your journey as fantastic and memorable as possible.

We don’t ask much in return! If you’re unhappy about something, explain it calmly to your driver, and they’ll do everything they can to sort it out. Don’t be rude to them, shout at them or treat them with disrespect. For the duration of the hire you’re their absolute top priority, so it’s nice to give them a bit of acknowledgement for that if you can. Remember that any privacy windows are raised or lowered at their discretion, not yours. Don’t take it personally if it’s up – it just means they’re concentrating on the road!

In terms of respecting the vehicle, we’ve touched on most of it already, but it’s worth mentioning the issue of smoking, too. It takes forever to get the smell out of the cars, which is bad news for us, and it can mean hefty cleaning fees for yourself. For those reasons, it’s best to wait until you’re safety outside if you’re planning to light one up.

That’s more or less it! As we said, most of it’s common sense, and almost certainly none of it will get in the way of having the maximum amount of fun in our limos. As a final note, it’s not etiquette as such, but it’s a good plan to keep an eye out for any personal items or belongings left in our limos. If we find anything we keep it at our depot for your collection, but we can’t accept any responsibility for anything you lose in one of our limos. If you want the full details on our policy on lost property – or anything else – you can check out our Terms and Conditions here.

On the other hand, you can click here to book a limo. We’ve got a broad range of limos on offer, so take your pick!

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