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Illegal limo clampdown

Posted on 23rd Feb, 2013 by Jackie Jolliffe

Following last year’s vow to clampdown on illegal and unroadworthy stretch limos, the Vehicle Operating Standards Agency (VOSA) is carrying out its threats to revoke licences and crush impounded limos.

Recently, a limousine operator had her licence revoked after inspectors pulled over her limo, which was taking pupils to their prom night in Walsall, West Midlands, when it was found to be operating illegally.

Sarah Farrell has been banned from having a licence for carrying eight or more passengers for 12 months. She didn’t check the legal status of her stretch limo, which was stopped in an inspection exercise by VOSA.

In addition to a lack of paperwork, the limo was kitted out with a large number of seats even though her licence only allowed her to carry eight passengers or less.

Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones said: “Sarah Farrell has obtained commercial advantage in breaching the clear rules which were spelt out to her in unequivocal terms in November 2011.”

VOSA is even crushing unlicensed limos now. A limo was recently crushed and the car had to be scrapped at a scrap yard in Newport, South Wales.

The limo was one of two of the company’s cars seized last year in two VOSA inspections. It was said to have no MOT, defective brakes, no tachograph records, no operator’s licence, no speed limiter, and wheel nuts were missing.

VOSA now has stronger powers over illegal limos. Transport secretary Philip Hammond has granted VOSA the power to pull them over throughout the country without prior agreement from local Police.

Don’t risk getting stopped in the middle of your limo ride and don’t travel unsafely. Check the limo you hire is properly licensed.

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